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People are marching against Google buses when they should be marching for more housing permits.

Enrico Moretti, economics professor at UC Berkeley
estimates that other cities with lower housing prices have the ability to create even more jobs than San Francisco — up to five related jobs for every new one in the tech sector. Financially healthy as the city may be, it could do even more if there were more housing.

read more: San Francisco: a city pushed to new limits and opportunities, sfgate, 12.10.14.

PDX bike box convo


on the way to campus this morning, i hit a red light just before the Hawthorne Bridge. I pull up in the bike box behind a guy.

middle-aged white male in bike commuter gear—helmet, rain jacket, panniers. 

  • he turns his head back a few times to look at me
  • uhmmm… ok i guess he’s probably seen me somewhere before. and he maybe looks familiar… but really i have no idea. 
  • he says ‘hi’ or ‘good morning’ or some normal greeting, and I say ‘hi’ back.
  • just waiting for the light to turn green…
  • he looks back at me again and says: “[something something] (I didn’t catch it) not wearing a helmet in this traffic.”
  • i try to figure out what those first two words were, but really didn’t hear it. settle on the obvious: He chided me for not wearing a helmet.
  • while i was still thinking this, a lady who’s waiting on the right side of the guy—white, late 20s, in cycle chic / business casual but with a skirt that’s a little more alternative/portland-y, wearing a helmet on a more upright-style bike—she pipes up, says to the guy: DON’T BE RUDE.
  • light turns green, i bike past both the guy and the lady.
  • on the bridge, i’m like, What just happened?? lol

dude, what’s up with middle-aged white men telling me what to do??!

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» Alameda County Measure BB: 0.5¢ sales tax to fund transportation

CALIFORNIA RESIDENTS: TODAY is the last day to register to vote. You can do it ONLINE. it’s easy. it works / the website is functional. i did it. you, should, too.

and.. if you’re an ALAMEDA COUNTY voter, you should know about Measure BB. (and vote YES)

it’s basically the same as Measure B last year, but has an end date instead of never expiring. It requires a frikkin’ TWO-THIRDS majority vote, and we almost made it! super sad face to those 700-something people who voted against it. Anyway, this time we try again! cuz or else, TRANSIT WILL HELLA SUCK IN THE EAST BAY. (or suck more, i guess.)

Should it pass, Measure BB will devote most of the money — nearly $5 billion — to transit and bicycle and pedestrian improvements. But it doesn’t leave out cars. Nearly $3 billion will go to streets and highways — primarily for maintenance like filling potholes and repaving streets, and building safety and efficiency improvements, including new interchanges at Interstate 80 and Gilman Street and at I-80 and Ashby Avenue in Berkeley, and new carpool/toll lanes in Interstate 680 in eastern Alameda County.

…the plan reflects the region’s changing transportation priorities by spending more money on transit and bike and pedestrian paths and backing away from new freeway construction.

read more: sfgate, 14.10.14.

yes on bb.

yes, sales taxes are regressive, but at least it’s not a percentage. the federal government isn’t giving away much funding for transportation, so yeah, gotta take care of it locally and regionally.

A pro-democracy protester meditates on an occupied bridge leading to the financial Central District in Hong Kong on October 14, 2014. (Reuters/Liau Chung-ren)
cool advertising concept, but blocking the sidewalk—no.
and cars in the sky are not the future.
@people’s park, taichung. photo by chris chang.
A crack at Pier 45 in San Francisco caused by the 1989 earthquake. Photo: Steve Ringman
more: Loma Prieta quake left legacy of repair, renewal. sfgate, 12.10.14.
dreams of.. bike theft

had a bad dream this morning

dreamt that i locked my bike outside on the street in berkeley overnight.

the next day i swung by but was lazy, like, I’ll get it tomorrow.

so another night passed with it locked outside, and the following day when I came to pick it up, it was almost all gone!

thieves had taken every part they could that wasn’t locked into the u-lock (front wheel and frame). even the chain and chainring were gone!

but then i noticed that I had ridden another bike to come over to get this bike (raleigh mixte), and i remembered that I had actually taken the chain and chainring off to put it on the bike I was currently riding. 

hmm…. not sure if I really would have done something like that..

anyway.. sucks that bike theft still occurs in the next dimension.

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