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» What My Bike Has Taught Me About White Privilege

"White privilege" talk is not intended to make a moral assessment or a moral claim about the privileged at all. It is about systemic imbalance. It is about injustices that have arisen because of the history of racism that birthed the way things are now. It’s not saying, “You’re a bad person because you’re white.” It’s saying, “The system is skewed in ways that you maybe haven’t realized or had to think about precisely because it’s skewed in YOUR favor.”


Now sometimes its dangerous for me because people in cars are just blatantly a**holes to me. If I am in the road—where I legally belong—people will yell at me to get on the sidewalk. If I am on the sidewalk—which is sometimes the safest place to be—people will yell at me to get on the road. People in cars think its funny to roll down their window and yell something right when they get beside me. Or to splash me on purpose. People I have never met are angry at me for just being on a bike or for being in “their” road and they let me know with colorful language and other acts of aggression.

I can imagine that for people of color life in a white-majority context feels a bit like being on a bicycle in midst of traffic. They have the right to be on the road, and laws on the books to make it equitable, but that doesn’t change the fact that they are on a bike in a world made for cars. Remembering this when I’m on my bike in traffic has helped me to understand what privilege talk is really about.

Now most people in cars are not intentionally aggressive toward me. But even if all the jerks had their licenses revoked tomorrow, the road would still be a dangerous place for me. Because the whole transportation infrastructure privileges the automobile. It is born out of a history rooted in the auto industry that took for granted that everyone should use a car as their mode of transportation. It’s not built to be convenient or economical or safe for me.

And so people in cars—nice, non-aggressive people—put me in danger all the time because they see the road from the privileged perspective of a car.

read more: jdowsett, 20.08.14.

» Why Portland Is Building a Multi-Modal Bridge That Bans Cars

It’s an act of urban planning maybe even more so than a transit project.”

connected, finally!

Tilikum Crossing is the nation’s first multi-modal bridge that will be off-limits to private automobiles. It will carry MAX light rail trains (the impetus for construction) as well as Portland’s streetcar line and city buses, and of course pedestrian and bike lanes on both sides—but no cars. If the bridge looks elegant in its slenderness, that may be because the omission of private automobiles keeps it from taking on a more gargantuan array of lanes and entry/exit ramps.

"[The] original decision to turn down federal dollars for a freeway and instead to invest that in MAX (light-rail), that’s a fundamental shift that other American cities don’t make."

read more: citylab, 19.08.14.
more photos: the portland-milwaukie light-rail project on flickr.

Livermore wine ride—this saturday!

Hi everyone! but more specifically, Bay Area peepz!

are you free this saturday? (sorry kinda last-minute)

come out for a leisurely ride in the east bay with me! tumblr/urbanist/cyclist meet-up!

I am trying to replicate bike it's Livermore Wine Ride #4.



also, see his recap of Livermore Wine Ride #3.

his recorded ride is here, along with printable cue sheet.

because bike-it didn’t reply to my message (tumblr inbox notification not working?), i had no help and figured it out myself and redid the map on g.maps—route. we can stop at three wineries/vineyards:

  1. Concannon
  2. Wente
  3. Finestra

bring ID! and food/snacks for picnicking. and water! it will be warm/hot.

meet @dublin/pleasanton BART station at 1pm, this sat. 23.aug 2014.

message me if you can come out!

also, a new segment/connector on the Iron Horse Trail just opened very recently, so we’ll be able to ride on that!

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