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February is here and love is in the air, bike love that is. Cupid’s Arrow has landed on Richmond this month and trust us you will LOVE this route. Come celebrate Valentines day with a very special Bike Party next Friday the 14th at 7:30 PM at Richmond BART. It’s going to be cooooold so bring lots of layers and maybe someone to snuggle with. We are going to party rain or shine so depending on how the weather shapes up you may want to be ready for some less than ideal conditions.
♥ Stay Right♥ Stop At Lights♥ Ride Straight♥ Don’t Hate♥ Pack Your Trash♥ Don’t Get Smashed
East Bay Bike Party: friday, 14.02.14. meet 7.30pm @richmond BART.
Those humans in Los Angeles who began walking a second or two after the light was blinking were, after all, violating the “Vehicle Code.” Note that cars, apparently, do not violate a “Human Code.”

As for pedestrian safety, which is the typical stated purpose of jaywalking crackdowns, more pedestrians generally are killed in urban areas by cars violating their right of way than are rogue pedestrians violating vehicles’ right of way. Then there are those people struck on sidewalks, even inside restaurants. What do we call that? Jay-living?

nytimes, 02.02.14.

via gizmodo, 04.02.14: Why Do Pedestrians Have to Press ““Beg Buttons” to Cross the Street?

that’s my home BART station!
yeah the “no bikes on escalator” rule is dumb. like, you might as well ban luggage.

Los Angeles, California
Yashica T4 / Kodak Portra 400
it snowed in Portland the last couple of days! 07.02.14.
snowstorm tracking: oregonlive, 08.02.14.
256 tons of sand was used last year in preventing trains from running into one another.

"Muni’s light-rail trains run through prodigious amounts of sand, ordered from an outfit in Monterey in 30-pound sacks at a rate of 17 cents a pound. The city’s historic cable cars dumped 50 tons of sand onto the street last year."

sfweekly, 05.02.14.

“Each year, Humble supplies enough energy to melt 7 million tons of glacier.”
from a 1962 Life Magazine advertisement. Humble is now part of ExxonMobil.
from Andrew Weaver’s (of the IPCC) opening keynote, “The Challenge of Climate Change” @UBC SCARP Symposium.
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