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so apparently, michael over at bikeportland wrote about my recent cycling story [17.04.14] in a “front page” post that got over 200 comments.


friday, 18.04.14
and i didn’t even know about it until this week when a classmate asked me about it, and i didn’t know what he was referring to..
??!! bikeportland shoulda tweeted me!
but yeah I guess that just tells you i don’t keep up on bikeportland or my blog stats (the post only got 3 notes on tumblr).

anyway, the majority of the comments was a discussion amongst all the bikeportland followers, then the rest were like calling me out. i was actually preparing for the worst, scrolling down through the comments, but seems that comments on blogs aren’t as bad as ones on news sites.

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on the way home today. se salmon/17th, portland.
yeah, weather here is still rainy and stormy.
my little cuzzo Heather (center) and her pink gang in SF!
also: it’s sf bike & roll to school week! 21.-25.04.14.
» Driven Apart

The essential economic and social purpose of cities is bringing people together, taking advantage of opportunities for interaction and agglomeration economies. Cities perform this function in two principal ways, by providing accessibility (putting people close to one another and to common destinations), and through mobility, the ability to move easily from one point to another.

National discussions of how to make cities work better have tended to focus on making it easier for people to move, which has had the paradoxical effect of leading cities to be less dense. And the measures we use to describe how well city transportation systems work have reflected this bias toward mobility. In that sense, the emphasis on mobility measures has driven us apart. Putting more emphasis on accessibility can bring us closer together.”

from Driven Apart: How sprawl is lengthening our commutes and why misleading mobility measures are making things worse — Executive summary. 09.2010 report, CEOs for Cities.

you know you’re in a cool ‘hood when…
se clinton/26th, portland, or. 19.04.14. (also, filmed by bike festival here this weekend)
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