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started classes again.
third quarter of grad school and i finally get to take a class i want to take—Downtown Revitalization! (also, Urbanization and Planning in the Global South).
this schedule sucks ass, though. hella lame that professors can’t/won’t take a couple hours out of one workday in a week to teach students.
maybe I’ll apply for an internship to make the best out of this? or too much work..
made it back to PDX! 
a couple girls make the MAX (light-rail) their jungle gym while waiting to depart the airport.
During the academic year OTREC at PSU offers the Friday Transportation Seminar Series. The seminars are supported by the Toulan School of Urban Studies and Planning and the Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering, and the NITC. This series is free and open to the public. Students, transportation professionals and community members are welcome to participate in person and via live streaming video. All seminars are also archived for future viewing. 
I’ve been to a few (only to the ones with topics I find interesting), sometimes too busy to go, so glad that they record it and put it up online. professors and students present their studies, as well as other professionals from the field. Urban planning and engineering topics.
The one screenshot above: Measuring Urban Bicyclists’ Uptake of Traffic-Related Pollution. stream here. (hourlong sessions, may be split if more than one presenter)
Downtown San Diego (Gaslamp) seriously needs bike parking. (as in bike corrals. also need repaved streets, protected bike lanes, and wider sidewalks!)
the awarewolfs (AWLF) and cretins @quality social for metal dj night, and mustache march madness mash (mmmm4). 20.03.14.

A lot of us we talking about how awesome it was that a ‘nice’ downtown place was doing such a NOT downtown thing. We all love downtown. But a lot of us, don’t quite really feel welcomed in most downtown spots OR we don’t even wanna go downtown cause the music suuucks. Thanks for opening up your doors specifically for a crowd like us.
Muni Billboards for Ridership Advertising Campaign. March 14, 1978. 
Posted on Harrison and Dore Streets, just above Ambush Leather Shop (now an Acupuncture center).
SFMTA photo archives (follow their flickr!)
» 'Tactical Urbanism' Converting Vacant Lot In Downtown San Diego Into Urban Park

An empty parking lot doesn’t have to be an empty parking lot forever. It can really be transformed into something amazing. And it doesn’t take that much money, it doesn’t take a lot of time, it just takes people who are willing to participate and really want to make a difference.”

David Loewenstein, the chief operating officer of RAD Lab.

A “tactical urbanism” project is underway in San Diego’s East Village, where commercial real estate company HP Investors is lending a vacant lot to the Downtown Partnership. The nonprofit, working with the design firm RAD Lab, decided to ask for the public’s input on what should go in the lot. So they put up a sign in front of the lot asking people to write down ideas for what they want to see in the space.

One of the most popular ideas was a children’s playground and family park. Sifting through the suggestions, it seems the lot will likely be transformed into some kind of urban park.

Sumeet Parekh, HP Investors’ principal and the property’s owner, is loaning the space for free and will pay for all of the costs of the makeover. He said he’s doing it because he owns some of the surrounding buildings and wants to add value to the neighborhood.

"Small things like this can have a really transformative effect on the neighborhood, and we want to invest back in the neighborhoods that we invest in," he said.

kbps, 13.03.14.

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