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finished second quarter of grad school!

(that’s one-third of the way already… two-year program)

emailed in my last final report yesterday!

I don’t want to ever have to use excel, spss, or gis ever again! (hopefully whatever planning jobs i get in the future won’t involve those)

I should be landing in Panama today for a week of spring break in 90ªF T____T;;;; ahah.. i’ll try to survive.

have some posts queued up for you guys. (of course, since i would hate to break my streak of at least one post a day :P)
mostly bike stuff because that’s slightly less time-consuming for me to tumble..


S.F. has new plan to drive more cars off Market Street
"This is primarily a safety project," said Timothy Papandreou, director of strategic planning in the sustainable streets division of the MTA.
The changes announced Friday include stepped-up enforcement of existing transit-only lanes and turn restrictions. Early next year, additional mandatory turns are to be installed at Third, Fourth and Fifth streets and transit-only lanes would be extended eastward down Market.
Market Street between Eighth and Montgomery streets has twice as many collisions as parallel Mission Street despite having only a third of the traffic, Papandreou said. It also includes four of the city’s 20 worst intersections for collisions that injure or kill pedestrians—Fifth, Sixth, Eighth, and Main Streets. Two of the worst intersections for bike collisions are also on Market at Third and Fifth streets.
sfgate, 15.03.14.
basically, market st. is gonna be even more confusing to drive on, so stick to mission st (soma) and only cross over to the other grid when you need to.
» Woman whose bike was stolen at BART station helps in sting to recover it

I have a U-Lock and I have the Pinhead lock system for the wheels and seat and they still cut the U-Lock,” she said, noting the lengths that bike thieves will go to. In fact, BART recommends locking your bike with two U-Locks if possible.

A 44-year-old Oakland woman wasn’t going to sit back and let her $900 bike get stolen without striking back. So she enlisted the help of BART Police in a sting operation that not only recovered the bike, stolen from MacArthur station last weekend, but put the suspected thief in jail.

She spotted her bike for sale on Craigslist and, after coordinating with BART Police, made arrangements to meet him to “buy” her own bike.

The victim positively identified the bicycle as belonging to her, and used a key to successfully unlock her bike equipment. The suspect was also arrested for possession of narcotics, an outstanding warrant out of Reno for $25,000.00, probation violation, and possession of forged identification. A sergeant approved the arrest and interviewed the suspect, who confessed to knowing the bicycle was stolen and was taken to jail.

If you experience theft on BART property, please report the incident and enlist the help of BART Police before undertaking any recovery effort on your own, for your personal safety. BART Police contacts are here or program 510-464-7000 into your phone.

bartnews, 14.03.14.


Bikeyface reminds why some cyclists aren’t always following the rules. Bikeyface » Big Metal Things. (But the ones that ride past open trams are still dicks.)

i often still feel guilty for “illegally” crossing before the light turns green (by about a second), but really, i feel so much safer (and less stressed) when i get a headstart in case cars behind me get mad that i start up too slow from 0mph. (and of course, i make sure the intersection’s clear before i headstart, like any sensible user of the road would do.)
spent pretty much all day yesterday in front of a computer monitor adding points to a map.
so lame that psu didn’t let me waive gis, which i had already taken in undergrad. (maybe i just suck at negotiating and getting what i want.) at least now I could get hired by a bikeshare company??
you can still add your desired locations of future bikeshare stations in Portland here, or vote for locations.
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