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» GQ Declares Downtown LA the "Next Great American City"
Those guys love saying stuff is the coolest! And we love taking the bait! (Here’s how they gauge cool, so you can adjust your cool-o-meters accordingly: “Downtown has approached a critical mass of cool that even the most hard-core resident of Venice or Santa Monica or West Hollywood or Silver Lake would find impossible to deny.” Soooo: rich and whitebread.)

"Downtown isn’t a bet on hipsterism, not on dumplings or cocktails or cool shops or food trucks. It’s a bet on urbanism itself, a conviction that the past fifty years of outward, sprawling cul-de-sac development was just that: a dead end. That this is how we want to live, amidst the spark and jangle of humans pressed up against humans. Even in L.A.”

la.curbed, 07.01.14.

» Big Idea 2014: Goodbye Silicon Valley, Hello Silicon Cities

bruce katz, brookings institution, 10.12.13.

» Portland made it through 2013 with zero bike fatalities


Safer biking means that more people decide biking’s a good option. More cyclists make for safer streets — and the more people cycle, the more likely it is that city planners think it’s worth putting in bike infrastructure. And one of the great advantages of bike infrastructure is that it makes the roads safer — and not just for bikers. Everyone wins.”

more: The 4 biggest Portland bike stories nobody wrote in 2013. bikeportland, 31.12.13.

No-Fault Evictions in San Francisco, 1997 to 2013.
Anti-Eviction Mapping Project.
@latham square park, downtown oakland. 
they reopened the southbound lane (telegraph ave to broadway) and pushed all the furniture onto the median strip.
but there’s new tables and seating on the actual corner block. hope they don’t dismantle the whole thing and open it all up to car traffic again.
in Berkeley. 
feels almost like summer.
in the City. 
Powell/Union Square area. dyahh I hate shopping. but sf bike party later!
SF Bike Party #36: Three for Three!
"We’re going three for three! Join us January 3rd for our 3rd birthday! For 3 years now, we’ve powered through the streets of San Francisco with your help, pulling music bikes and dancing hard to celebrate the pedal-powered revolution. Join us for our biggest birthday yet, as we trace our inaugural SFBP route and celebrate life on two wheels (or one, or three, or more, whatever fits your fancy). Wear your best and brightest birthday gear, because it’s our party and we’ll ride if we want to! We’re TURNING 3!”
meet @civic center plaza, 7:30pm. roll out at 8. friday, 3rd jan. 2014.
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