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ยป What I tell people when they ask my why I go to the protests.
  1. I remind them of the world financial collapse that took place in 2008. And that it was caused by intentional fraud on many layers of the banking system aided and abetted by the government.

  2. I point out that the ex head of Goldman Sachs was the treasury secretary when it happened.

  3. I point out that the current treasury secretary was the head of the NY fed when the fraud collapsed.

  4. I point out that the bankers were bailed out by their cronies. I point out that the money came from taxpayers.

  5. I then point out that the same bankers involved in the fraud and collapse then gave themselves huge bonuses. And the same banks are withholding credit from small businesses.

  6. I then point out that GE paid no taxes, is sitting on 80 billion dollars and is a big friend of the current president. They obviously don’t need a tax cut to raise revenue to create jobs.

  7. I then point out that we are fighting wars and borrowing from china to pay for them. Rather than raise taxes.

  8. I then point out that the government is now asking the middle class and the working class to suffer all of the financial pain (no new taxes for the rich) thus robbing them twice. Once with the bailout and also with cuts to pell grants and other programs that aid the middle class.

  9. I then point out that this is exactly the problem and they should join in rather than listen to the MSM [?] which is owned by the very criminals who rob us blind and get bonuses for it.

reddit, 16.10.11.

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