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» The Golden Rule

Per usual, Krugman spells out the obvious for anyone with half a mind. But, I wish he or someone was smart enough to lead us out of this death valley to the promised land. The electoral system is completely compromised by money such that the Golden Rule prevails — Those who have the gold make the rules. The electorate is resigned to voting for terrible vs. slightly less than terrible. In short, the electoral system is completely dysfunctional and as a result, wealthy individuals and corporations are manipulating elections and legislative initiatives. American democracy is a sham and the only people in the world that seem to not understand this, is the American people. On top of everything else, the reality is, there are too many people competing for limited jobs and resources.

comment by Mindful, from South Carolina.

column: Oligarchy, American Style. Krugman, nytimes, 04.11.11.

New York Occupy Wall Street General Assembly trying to show what a real democracy looks like. 11.10.11, by john flores.

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