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» U.S. overbuilt in big houses, planners find

40 million houses too many — one explanation for falling prices

America has too many big houses — 40 million, to be exact — because consumers are shifting preferences to condos, apartments and small homes, experts told the New Partners for Smart GrowthThursday, holding its 11th annual conference in San Diego through Sunday..

Factors [for why preferences are changing] include a desire for shorter commutes, walkable neighborhoods, economic considerations and, in the case of Generations X and Y, born between 1965 and 2000, they want the non-car mobility they did not get as youngsters.

"Having the freedom not to be tied down to a vehicle all the time is a big plus to that generation," Molinaro said.

sd u-t, 02.02.12.

yay, san diego gets the news, finally.

That Smart Growth conference looked interesting..but the first draft of my thesis is due on tues., so no go.

suburbs of LA

I remember when I sent a google maps link to UTC (the area around UCSD) to a swedish friend, he told me he had never seen this type of layout before.

yeah.. retarded subdivisions.

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