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» Pedestrian/Bicycle Advisory Committee for District 2 (San Diego)

Biking mom extraordinaire, Nicole Burgess has taken the initiative to make bicycling in District 2 more friendly and safer to ride in. Burgess who leads one of the City’s bike trains started a pedestrian/bicycle advisory committee for the benefit of District 2:

Tues. 10 april. 6:30pm at Ocean Beach Rec Center.

District 2 includes Downtown, Little Italy, Bankers Hill, Mission Hills, Old Town, Point Loma, Ocean Beach, Mission Beach, Pacific Beach, Mt. Soledad, and soon Bay Park Area.

Please come collaborate with others and help create a safer and healthier community for all.

For more information contact: Nicole Burgess at

Please feel free to invite others that may be interested in participating. I am also looking for High School Advocates that would like to become involved., 30.03.12.

ughh I have class tuesday evenings. and how would I get to OB anyway (yeah I’ve finally taken the Ocean Beach bike path, but the entrance area to the path is kinda sketch for cycling, on Morena Blvd, and going downhill from Mission Hills.. I need a brighter bike headlight and new brake pads.) (man, public transport royally sucks in san diego.) Oh, right—I have car2go. but I’m horrible at parking these little smartcars. and I get so anxious driving on the freeway—maxing out the EVs speed limit, which is far from average San Diego driving speed.

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