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» LIB Environmental Director Shena Turlington Discusses What Goes Into Making the Greenest Festival in North America

Beginning with the very first Lightning in a Bottle (LIB) over a decade ago, The Do LaB team have worked hard over the years to ensure that even as our festival grows in size, we always put the environment first and foremost by implementing new ways in making the event as green as possible. Helping to make that happen is Shena Turlington, our accomplished Environmental Director, whose creative thinking and passion for our planet has played a pivotal part in why LIB has become “North America’s Greenest Festival.”

"Being green at LIB is not an add-on as it is at most festivals," added Turlington. "At LIB it’s one of the foundations. The Do LaB is constantly putting every festival decision through the filter of, ‘Is this going to make a positive impact on the world?’.

Read the rest of our interview with Shena and learn more about what we’re doing to make 2012 our best, most green year yet.

You can also read their Green Report 2011 (PDF).

Free water initiative:

We will again be providing free water this year: purchase an LIB water bottle, or bring your own bottle. Water filters at water stations improve taste and remove any VOCs, sediments, and chlorine.

Plastic bottles will NOT be available for sale.  We also ask that you please not bring them.

 Additional Water Initiatives:

  • An on site Environmental Impact Assessment report is performed to ensure our activities do not negatively impact the ground water at Irvine Lake
  • Signage educates attendees of the benefits of low-flow toilets and water and shower taps
  • Bathroom faucets are adjusted to low flow settings
  • Greywater from showers is used to control air pollution by spraying it on the grounds dust

on-site EIA???

and fyeah! no crummy plastic water bottles.

guess who’s going to LIB? :)

only 3 weeks away!!

photo by daniel jung.

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