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there are so many / too many urban planning blogs

i can’t possibly read them all unless i become a professional full-time blog reader.

ughh and why do they all have to be on different platforms??

blogger, wordpress…

everyone just go on tumblr! (or just copy everything to tumblr) so we can reblog and follow each other more easily than following each other on twitter and then separately retweeting and clicking the links

did no one make an urban planning / transportation planning blog directory yet??!

(the reason for so many urban planning blogs: count the number of major cities in the world. add in some mid-sized cities. think about all the infrastructure development, street redesign, transportation improvements, etc. going on in each of those cities.. x___x;; but yay the internet~)

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  2. karlfun said: I think someone out there… secretrepublic or captainplanit … might have a list. I remember seeing a good list of the tumblr urban planner blogs. can’t seem to find it.
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