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» The Greatest U.S. Bike Project You've Never Heard Of

via, 12.06.13.

watch the streetfilm here.

background: NACTO Workshop Visits Indianapolis to Help It Become a Better Cycling City. streetsblog, 21.05.13.

i guess now indianapolis is an appealing city for me to go visit? there’s a sale on southwest right now, ending tonight for fall season travel. should I go?? (NYC and NOLA too hot, and hurricane season.. don’t have much other interesting options..)

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    although I have serious reservations about bike lanes in general, we have a thing like this on Allen in New York city,...
  3. iwishforanother said: thanks from doug in sacramento. great. if you decide to go i have a $20 for you. seems like a small reward, send me a postcard, wait till you get back
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