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overly law-abiding asshole cyclists

worse than bad, disrespectful, law-dismissing drivers because one would not usually expect this sort of crap from cyclists?

5pm yesterday, heading downhill from SE Salmon (bike boulevard) toward downtown to go to campus (I had an evening class).

there’s this one awkwardly, possibly misplaced stop sign in the middle of the hilly stretch of SE Salmon. since I’m coming from uphill, i have a better view of the cross street, and there was no traffic as usual (small residential street, and four-way stop), so i just keep riding through the stop sign as usual…

except then a white guy in his 30’s wearing a helmet and sunglasses riding uphill the other way shocked me by yelling at me loudly, CAN YOU READ???

umm.. what?
hopefully my face looked confused enough that maybe he was thinking that I actually didn’t know english (i could be an asian exchange student who’s never seen a stop sign?!), as he restarted up the hill after he stopped at his stop sign.

but really, wtf??!

yeah, cyclists are the only group of people who self-regulate themselves so well they’ll call out fellow cyclists for blowing through red lights, etc., because they don’t want to be one of those “scofflaw cyclists”, to keep up a good image in order to get more bike infrastructure.

but this shit.. is just insulting.
like, this guy, does he insult people when they “jaywalk”?
if he drives, too, does he yell and honk at every driver who doesn’t use turn signals?

i don’t know but I can be pretty sure he’s never heard of the idaho stop nor know that the rules of the road for cars weren’t designed for bikes, or even thought about how that stop sign might be superfluous. (there are traffic circles on other intersections. that intersection could have had a traffic circle instead a stop sign, so you wouldn’t need to stop, only slow down).

PDX—not as bike-friendly as you’d think! as in other cyclists may not be friendly! and yeah, i’ll try to stay away from cycling during rush hour, to avoid road-raged cyclists who blast negativity at people.

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