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» The One Percent Solution

The Oakland Occupation on 02.nov.11. (flickr)

During the past few weeks, numerous people and organizations called for the second police raid on Occupy Oakland. Among the loudest and most influential voices demanding the crackdown were the Oakland Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce and two Oakland business groups. They contended that the City Hall encampment was bad for downtown businesses, especially small ones. The chamber and the business groups also purported to speak on behalf of small businesses in downtown. However, a closer look at the organizations reveals that they are dominated by representatives from big corporations, and in fact largely represent the so-called One Percent that the Occupy movement has been targeting..

eastbayexpress, 16.11.11.

» "How the 1% Crashed the Economy" Teach-in @occupyoakland

The economic collapse didn’t happen by accident. It’s the direct result of decisions made by Wall Street and our leaders in Washington to prioritize the 1% over everyone else.

If we want to rewrite the rules of our economy so it works for all of us, then understanding those decisions, and how we ended up here, is crucial.

This Wednesday, November 9, you can get answers and build your understanding at the “How the 1% Crashed the Economy” teach-in in Oakland. An American Dream Movement volunteer, Charles D., is leading a discussion about how the economic collapse is impacting our communities, who caused it, and how we can turn things around.

Broadway and 27th St., 390 27th St. (Map) 
Oakland, CA 94609
Weds., 9th Nov., 7:00 PM

a local party last night.


Transfer your funds out of large commercial banks to a credit union
on the fifth of november. (or earlier!)

Closed my Bank of America account a few days ago!

Occupy Everything
“11. Historically, a story about people inside impressive buildings ignoring  or even taunting people standing outside shouting at them turns out to  be a story with an unhappy ending,” – Lemony Snicket, a member of the Occupy Writers movement.

Thirteen Observations made by Lemony Snicket while watching Occupy Wall Street from a Discreet Distance  
Lemony Snicket!!!

From cardboard to Photoshop: Occupy Design brings infographics to the aid of the 99 Percent.

Stickers are in. If you want sticker packs email your address to They’re free!!!! We’ve sent out almost 2000 stickers across the country in the past 2 days…

I’m expecting mine in the mail in a few days!San Diegans, hit me up if you want some or if you wanna go on a sticker-slapping run with me! 
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