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Douchebag driver in SF, license plate # 5FQP135, black Acura.Columbus Ave. southeastbound by Powell. it’s even sharrowed! 
I’m cycling on the right lane of this two lane each way street in SF today, with like 3 other cyclists in front/behind me. I’m sort of in the middle of the lane, because now I’m a bit more cautious about getting doored, and because there are more cracks in the pavement on the right side of the lane. 
I hear a honk from a car behind us.Quick thinking: I decide not to move to the right, except for a tiny bit out of automatic reaction — speed of traffic on this street is very slow, there is room on the left lane for the driver to switch to or to use to go around me. my bf is somewhere behind me. the driver would have to go around him, too.
but whaddya know, the driver is a douchebag and still forced his car forward in the same lane, barely giving me AN INCH (1 inch. one). i could’ve knocked on his car but didn’t feel comfortable with one hand on handlebar while being so close.
and then yeah, right after passing me extremely UNSAFELY, he is stopped in traffic. my bf gets ahead of me and yells something at the driver, at which i follow suit and tell him to learn to share the road. because, well, he must be from out of town. SF and bay area drivers are generally friendly, esp. in SF with more cyclists, drivers should’ve learned already how to share the road safely.
there was an older woman sitting next to him, probably his mother. and probably his son in the booster seat in the back. trying to show off to his mom and kid how “boss” he is? how he owns the road?? how he can just honk and this girl on a bike and everything else will get out of his way?? mega douchebag.
thinking about it more, I should’ve not moved even the slightest bit that I did. I should’ve stayed as I was and gotten hit. then, the driver could’ve learned the consequences of his dangerous driving. because sometimes, well, a lot of the time, that’s what it take. It takes a death, an injury, a lawsuit, to confront an ego, to change bad behaviour. 
bf went back while the car was stuck in traffic to take this picture. (a muni bus driver didn’t make a turn successfully and was backing up in the intersection.) showed it to a couple police officers, but unfortunately they can’t do anything unless they witnessed it. could’ve pulled over the guy for unsafe passing distance, ticketed him. 
oh, yeah, and thanks governor jerry brown. (he vetoed the 3-ft passing bill recently for the second time.)
srsly need to buy a gopro.
» L.A.'s 'Carmageddon' Produced Dramatic, Instantaneous Air Quality Improvements

Paulson and colleague Yifang Zhu measured pollutants in the air during Carmageddon last year and have recently released their pretty astounding findings. Air quality near the normally busy highway improved by 83 percent that day last July, relative to comparable weekends. Elsewhere in West Los Angeles, the improvement was equally dramatic. Air quality improved by 75 percent on that side of the city and in Santa Monica, and by 25 percent throughout the entire region, as a measure of the drop in ultrafine particulate matter associated with tailpipe emissions.

"We saw what we expected: you take motor vehicles away, the air gets really, really clean," Paulson says, "which tells us that most of the pollution is from motor vehicles from one type or another in this area."

read more: atlanticcities, 02.10.12.

» Weapons of Mass Urban Destruction

China’s love affair with the car has blossomed into a torrid romance. In April, nearly a million people poured into the Beijing International Automotive Exhibition to coo over the latest Audis, BMWs, and Toyotas. But China is in danger of making the same mistakes the United States made on its way to superpower status — mistakes that have left Americans reliant on foreign oil from unstable parts of the world, staggering under the cost of unhealthy patterns of living, and struggling to overcome the urban legacy of decades of inner-city decay.

by peter calthorpe, on foreignpolicy, 09.2012.

» groupon deal for car2go in san diego (new members only)

$17 for Car-Sharing Registration and 60 Minutes of Driving (Up to $56 Value)

photo by citymaus

maaang i already have car2go. though i did get free registration and some free minutes, too..

but yeah, San Diegans! You can live without owning a car! get this deal for a car2go membership. just be sure you know where the parking boundaries are. (so you won’t make a mistake like i did, and try to park in city heights, which failed and i had to backtrack, and ended up paying more.. which totally negated the whole point and i should’ve biked.) and because it’s probably more reliable than the bus.

the costs of maintaining highways..
» Man bites dog: one guy gets hit by a bicyclist vs. many more hit by drivers

…In other words, lawlessness and unpleasantness are presumed to be the exclusive preserve of bicycle-riding, who ‘almost uniformly’ break the law. The fact that these traits probably exist amongst the population of bicycle riders in equal proportion to motorists — indeed anyone else — is ignored.

The  Telegraph has also covered the story prominently. This is quite extraordinary for a paper that has not covered a single other pedestrian injury this year

Let’s put this in perspective. If we consult the accident statistics for last year, we will find that nearly 20,000 pedestrians were hit by cars in 2011, of which nearly 4,000 suffered serious injuries. Doubtless a good proportion of those injuries resulted from incidents in which the motorist may have been entirely blameless, but it is reasonable to suppose that there were at least several thousand serious pedestrian injuries last year caused by motorists. The same will be true for this year..

aseasyasridingabike, 06.07.12: man bites dog.


Authorities are still investigating how a Pittsfield Township medical office got in front of the white four door sedan. Firefighters responding to the scene said the building was very lucky it was wearing a helmet.
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