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Westbound on Kinzie

I feel like you should make stickers telling these drivers to get out of the bike lane, and slap them on their windshields or windows if they’re in the way.
Or maybe just flyers, since peeling a sticker might be tricky while riding a bike. 
If Chicago PD had a tumblr, they should be following this blog.
Why aren’t there closer bollards here to prevent this? gd taxi drivers and their customers.
Wouldn’t it be interesting if bicycling became as mainstream as driving?

Paul Gaffney, President/CEO of AAA.

(bikeleagueblog via bikesd)

Netherlands, Denmark, and other super bike-friendly cities and countries: You are very interesting.

this recent string of hit-and-runs on bicyclists

is really quite discomforting.

I’ll try to compile a list. Heard of any other attacks on cyclists on the road, add here.

  • 27.04.12Hit-and-Run Berkeley Driver Caught on Camera Injuring Two Bicyclists
  • 18.04.12. Bicyclist Dies After Being Hit By SUV — San Diego 
  • 02.04.12. Attempted hit-and-run in Bethlehem, PA.
  • 22.03.12. David Ortiz was struck by a Ford expedition on Balboa Ave over I-805. Ortiz then rolled and was hit by two other cars in different lanes. The last car ended up on top of his body. — San Diego
  • 17.03.12Wanderson Pereira dos Santos killed by Thor Batista, the 20-year-old son of Brazil’s richest man
  • 15.03.12. Krys Blakemore was struck by a car and has had major surgery that leaves her unable to walk, work, or ride a bike. —Brooklyn, NYC.

Krys from Brooklyn.

Happy friday.. dampened a bit..

I’m gonna feel so thankful every time I come home alive. 
*should not have to feel this way. cycling should be safe, and drivers prosecuted for bad behaviour, especially manslaughter.* 



Eastbound on Randolph Street

I’ve started a second blog - photos of cars driving/parking in Chicago’s bike lanes.

you are awesome. 
» Bicyclist dies after being hit by SUV — San Diego

Charles Gilbreth, 63, was riding his bike on Montezuma Road when a Chrysler SUV struck and killed him. The accident was reported at 3:34 p.m. Wednesday on Montezuma near Collwood Boulevard.

Both the SUV driver and the bicyclist were heading east on Montezuma. The bicyclist was in the bike lane when he was hit from behind, San Diego police Lt. Andra Brown said. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Neither speed nor alcohol were factors in the accident, Brown said. The driver of the SUV is a man in his late 30s, she said.

sd u-t, 18.04.12.
nbcsandiego, 19.04.12

san diego, y ur streets so dangerous and drivers so blatantly disrespectful??

SUVs and their drivers are the menace. (with some exceptions—a couple of my friends drive SUVs and they are very, very careful)

*I don’t believe that this was an “accident” if the cyclist was in the bike lane. We’ll see when there’s more news*

somewhere around here, not exactly.
umm yeah it looks like a freeway. 

» Is SoCal America's Next Environmental Success Story?

In an area renowned for clogged freeways and sprawl, the region’s sustainability challenges are immense. Riverside-San Bernadino, for example, claimed the number one spot as the nation’s most sprawling metro area in Smart Growth America’s definitive 2002 study, Measuring Sprawl and its Impact. In a separate index, the southern California area was identified by the Brookings Institution (using 2006 data) as having the nation’s highest rate of driving per person. The transportation analysis firm INRIX, which issues an annual “National Traffic Scorecard,” ranks the region as also having the nation’s worst traffic congestion, based on sophisticated measurements of travel delays. Indeed, five of the nation’s ten most congested freeway corridors, INRIX reports, are located in Southern California. 

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the region’s air quality is notorious. It is the worst in the country for pollution by ozone smog, which can impair breathing function, according to the American Lung Association. It is the second worst for particle pollution, which causes heart and lung disease and premature death. In addition, two southern California counties – Los Angeles and Orange – are among the nation’s 20 riskiest for developing cancer from breathing toxic air pollution, according to the federal Environmental Protection Agency. The region is fifth worst for per capita carbon emissions from transportation (though its mild climate and resulting low residential energy demands help keep overall emissions relatively low).

atlanticcites, 12.04.12.
SCAG passes plan to remake transit identity. sfgate/AP, 04.04.12

whenever I read stuff like this concerning LA/Socal (excluding san diego), I’m glad I didn’t apply to UCLA (or going to any other university in that area). One of my friends is going to UC Riverside, and I dunno if she knows that Riverside is a basin and gets all of LA’s pollution. I don’t really want to tell her.

While the environmental facts are daunting, the good news is that the region is doing something about it…

The new plan, which will be updated every four years, was required by California’s landmark planning law, Senate Bill 375, passed and signed into law in 2008. SB 375 requires that a Sustainable Communities Strategy to reduce carbon pollution be incorporated into regional transportation planning. NRDC strongly supported the law and has been working on its implementation.

I would rather cry in a BMW than smile on a bike.

Bicycle use in Beijing has dropped from about 60 percent in 1986 to 17 percent in 2010.

The De-Bikification of Beijing. atlanticcities, 09.04.12.

related: Awkward Moments in China’s Car Frenzy, 22.02.12.



Snapping this photo is all it took. Not a word, and he was all “I’ll run you off the road!”.

It seems like you should be able to give this photo to the police who should send him a ticket considering you got his license. I might look into that. 
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