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» Transport Choice Or Industry Protection?


„Only 0.7% of EU funding has been allocated to cycling infrastructure between 2007 and 2013. ‘7% of Europeans choose the bicycle as their main mode of transport so where is their share of the budget?’ Ensink adds.“

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I condemn the political parties. Our politicians have long been incapable of aspiring to anything whatsoever other than being re-elected. They have no political substance whatsoever, no convictions.

Jürgen Habermas

A Philosopher’s Mission to Save the EU. der spiegel, 25.11.11.

Two Occupy protesters in London at the end of October. “Sometime after 2008,” says Habermas, “I understood that the process of expansion, integration and democratization doesn’t automatically move forward of its own accord, that it’s reversible, that for the first time in the history of the EU, we are actually experiencing a dismantling of democracy. I didn’t think this was possible. We’ve reached a crossroads.”, 25.11.11.
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