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» SANDAG's Uptown bikeway plan not widely accepted

Some residents of Uptown fear that the San Diego Association of Governments is trying to grab money meant for pedestrian improvements in order to install a dedicated bikeway for cyclists to commute on Fourth and Fifth avenues. Objectors contend that doing so will put pedestrians in danger and put more cars on the streets, making Uptown less of a walkable community.

sandiegoreader, 14.01.14.

that first paragraph.. WTFreally??! building bike lanes will induce more drivers/cars on the streets???! of course, logic??!

UPDATE: 1/15, 2:10 p.m.

SANDAG spokesperson Helen Gao responds [to SD reader and objectors]:

"Yes, the pedestrian improvements will be delayed as a result of the consolidation effort. However, the final results will be far superior. The combined project would actually include additional pedestrian improvements (beyond what’s included in the grant application) along the 4th and 5th Avenue corridors, consistent with community plans.

Unfortunately, the criticisms directed at SANDAG are based on misinformation circulating in the community. There is an assumption that pedestrian and bike improvements are mutually exclusive and conflict with each other, which is not the case.

"We are taking a comprehensive approach to improving streets for both bicyclists and pedestrians in Uptown because we want to avoid wasting taxpayer money to modify pedestrian elements that are not properly aligned with the bike facilities that the community also wants to see built. A well designed corridor project will benefit pedestrians and people riding bikes, as well as improve safety for all road users.

"Case in point, curb bulb-outs. As currently envisioned, the bike lanes would conflict with the bulb-outs outlined in the grant application. We are working on a design that will incorporate similar pedestrian improvements into the bike project. Where bulb-outs were planned, we envision building pedestrian refuges/islands to improve pedestrian safety and calm traffic. Just like the bulb-outs, these islands would shorten the distance to cross the street. In fact, they will shorten the crossing distance even more than the original design."

» Judge Rules Transportation Plan in San Diego Violates State Greenhouse Gas Laws

Today, Superior Court Judge Timothy Taylor ruled that the San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) violated state law by failing to fully account for, and take steps to reduce, climate pollution in its environmental review of the region’s long-term transportation plan. The ruling is a major rebuke to regional planners in the San Diego region and a warning shot to other regional planning organizations that just passing a plan and calling it green is no longer enough.

“The court is setting an important example here for regional planning agencies throughout California,” said Kathryn Phillips, director of Sierra Club California. “We cannot wait another 40 years to adopt sensible transportation and land-use policies. Thanks to California laws requiring public agencies to be open about their plans, we were able to hold SANDAG accountable for its faulty planning practices.”

la.streetsblog, 04.12.12.

yeah! take that, SANDAG!

f— your bs 2050 plan! more of the same business as usual; San Diego would go deeper in transportation hell if this sh-t continued.

check out the much smarter and speedier 50/10 plan: build 50 years of transit projects in the first ten years, then freeway projects later. the proper order.

imagethis picture makes me so mad! repaved road, but restriped the same stupidass way! wtf use is a middle turn lane if there’s nothing to turn into! should have added bike lanes on both sides instead! and widened the sidewalk while you’re at it! middle turn lanes are such a waste of space and these are all over san diego wtfhell let me rewrite the antiquated traffic engineering books and eliminate this bs

Uptown regional bike corridor project

Community Advisory Group Meeting #1

Wednesday, December 5, 2012
Santa Fe Room, Balboa Park Club
2144 Pan American Road West, San Diego, 92101

Come out for the first community advisory meeting for the Uptown bike corridor project!

Discuss your vision and goals of bicycling in Uptown, as well as issues and opportunities.

I would definitely go, but I’m not in San Diego, so… any of my followers here in SD, go for me.

This bike corridor is super important because it connects Downtown SD to Uptown (Hillcrest/Mission Hills) through Bankers Hill and Balboa Park. If you bike in any of these areas, or would like to if it was safer and had bike infrastructure, go to this meeting!! (But there will be more in the future, so don’t be too disappointed in yourself if you can’t make it, either)

Meeting agenda:

Read More

SANDAG Regional Bicycle Plan: Goals for an Early Action Program.see more on Agenda Item 06 from the SANDAG Transportation Committee Agenda: april 6th, 2012 (311pg. PDF).
via SANDAG Leads Southern CA in Active Transportation Implementation, saferoutescalifornia, 24.07.12.
went to my first neighborhood meeting

mon. 21.05.12. @inn at the park. nice views from the top floor.

Beth, an active transportation planner from SANDAG gave a presentation on the different kinds of cycle infrastructure. a grumpy old couple walked out early because the wife was disgusted. she was shaking her head throughout the entire presentation (until she left). said bicyclists are a pain in the butt! gonna make our streets like europe where they have people cycling everywhere??! can’t find parking! ROFLOL R U SRS first time I ever heard anyone say anything bad about europe re: cycling. The husband, though, was a little kinder and nodded at the slides that showed designs for safer street crossings. They’re in the middle of the above photo, in the purply shirt and the lady in beige facing away.

met a few people. found out i could volunteer to be part of the parking subcommittee where they figure out what to do with the $1-2 million the city’s collected from parking meters.

learned that Bankers Hill is one of the high priority cycle projects (or I re-remembered—it’s #4), overlapping from the City Bike Plan and SANDAG’s Regional Bike Plan. and that I could help give feedback and design for the project.

I guess i’ll stay in SD to at least help get this project implemented?

» SANDAG’s 2050 Transportation Plan Drawing More and More Heat

“As the first regional government in California to develop a land use plan under the State’s strict new climate change laws, SANDAG has a responsibility to set a path toward a sustainable future,” said Tony L. Hale, Chair of the Environmental Caucus of the California Democratic Party. “Instead, SANDAG’s plan calls for more of the same: sprawl, air pollution, and an increase in dangerous greenhouse gas emissions.”

The major issue in the lawsuit is is that while the SANDAG plan does outline a major growth in the region’s transit network, most of the transit planning is in the last years of the project. The early years call for a rapid increase in the area’s highway network through a new high occupancy/toll lane system (HOT Lanes). SANDAG spokespeople claim that because the lanes can be used free by transit, they should be considered transit projects. Not everyone agrees.

la.streetsblog, 21.02.12.

Reminder: Occupy San Diego to protest against SANDAG’s 2050 RTP

Occupy San Diego will be gathering at 8:45 tomorrow morning, Friday, October 28th, to attend an important SANDAG meeting regarding the 2050 Regional Transport Plan. The group will meet in front of the Wells Fargo building at 401 B St. before heading upstairs to the SANDAG Board Room for the 9am–12pm meeting on the 7th floor.

SANDAG’s $214 billion 2050 Regional Transportation Plan has been criticized as inadequate, even by the State Attorney General. The RTP promotes more freeway lanes and sprawl, before working on much needed public transportation improvements.

In response, the Cleveland National Forest Foundation, though its Transit San Diego campaign, has come up with an alternative plan. The “50–10 Transit Plan" commits funding 50 years’ worth of transit infrastructure into the first 10 years of implementation. Its focus is on an effective integrated light-rail/multimodal solution.

Occupy San Diego, along with other local organizations, will protest against SANDAG’s 2050 RTP and call for an alternative, probably the 50–10 Transit Plan. After the meeting, OccupySD will congregate around the Wells Fargo building for a rally.

Related article: Shortsighted San Diego — Rejecting Transit for Sprawl?, calitics, 24.10.11.

Occupy San Diego, 08.10.11.

Make it to the meeting if you can!

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