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» Bike share program looking to expand to East Bay in 2015

Under the program an MTC committee will consider on Wednesday, Bay Area Bike Share would install 60 bike stations in an 8 1/2-square-mile area of the East Bay and stock them with about 750 bikes — 450 in Oakland, 300 in Berkeley and an undecided number in Emeryville. Locations for the bike stations are yet to be determined.

Oakland, Berkeley and Emeryville were chosen for the next expansion because of the area’s population density, its numerous transit lines and stations, and the presence of colleges and universities, said Randy Rentschler, a commission spokesman.

"The East Bay has some notable advantages," he said. "It’s relatively flat, has lots of public transit and destinations like universities, and lots of bike lanes. It has a whole lot of things that can make a bike share program a big success."

sfgate, 07.04.14.

Gentrification transforming face of Oakland.
"The housing market conditions are completely out of control, with no real accountability to the people who are being displaced," said Robbie Clark of Causa Justa. “These stark rent increases, people being forced to move far away and commute longer — these are not signs of healthy communities.
The Causa Justa report emphasized that government and the public need to do more to keep low-income people in their homes so they can enjoy the benefits of gentrification without being displaced. Stricter rent control and anti-foreclosure laws, more affordable housing and greater public input in planning decisions would help, the report said.
"It’s true, I’m beginning to see white people in (deep East Oakland). … The only reason it hasn’t happened sooner is because we have six shootings a day around here," she said. "The question is not whether this change is good or bad. It’s how do we find a balance, and how do we start the conversation?”
read more:  sfgate, 09.04.14.
» Woman whose bike was stolen at BART station helps in sting to recover it

I have a U-Lock and I have the Pinhead lock system for the wheels and seat and they still cut the U-Lock,” she said, noting the lengths that bike thieves will go to. In fact, BART recommends locking your bike with two U-Locks if possible.

A 44-year-old Oakland woman wasn’t going to sit back and let her $900 bike get stolen without striking back. So she enlisted the help of BART Police in a sting operation that not only recovered the bike, stolen from MacArthur station last weekend, but put the suspected thief in jail.

She spotted her bike for sale on Craigslist and, after coordinating with BART Police, made arrangements to meet him to “buy” her own bike.

The victim positively identified the bicycle as belonging to her, and used a key to successfully unlock her bike equipment. The suspect was also arrested for possession of narcotics, an outstanding warrant out of Reno for $25,000.00, probation violation, and possession of forged identification. A sergeant approved the arrest and interviewed the suspect, who confessed to knowing the bicycle was stolen and was taken to jail.

If you experience theft on BART property, please report the incident and enlist the help of BART Police before undertaking any recovery effort on your own, for your personal safety. BART Police contacts are here or program 510-464-7000 into your phone.

bartnews, 14.03.14.

Oakland and Berkeley are the best places to live in the US. There’s culture, and the weather’s great. All other places have aspects of American culture that I don’t like, or crappy weather.

bf on choosing where to live in america.

(ex. Portland is really bike-friendly and has excellent bike/beer/coffee/etc. scenes, but rains too often. Tampa has great weather, but is too auto-dominated/bike-unfriendly and the type of people there are generally not his type. **also near SF but don’t need to live in the cold fog!)

east bay bike party last night: berkeley—richmond. 14.03.14.
**see? ppl stop at red lights!
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