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256 tons of sand was used last year in preventing trains from running into one another.

"Muni’s light-rail trains run through prodigious amounts of sand, ordered from an outfit in Monterey in 30-pound sacks at a rate of 17 cents a pound. The city’s historic cable cars dumped 50 tons of sand onto the street last year."

sfweekly, 05.02.14.

San Diego Citybeat put out a bike-themed issue!
Summer Guide 2013.
(ya i know.. ppl be like ‘summer??! still tryna get out of winter/spring righ’ here!’ but there’s san diego for you..)
free jarritos upon arrival in Laguna Beach! 
my first bike tour: long beach to san diego, 03.09.12.
such a bitch, though, when entering beach towns: the lane/shoulder you’re riding in gets blocked by parked cars. then there are traffic lights and many cars stopped waiting at the lights. very little room between traffic cars and parked cars.
Made it to Oceanside pier to catch the end of sunset!! Was craving Pizza Port so rode a few more miles down to Carlsbad :D My first long bike ride: took the Coaster and Metrolink to Long Beach and rode down from there. Around 80 miles. Maybe take the bus back to Downtown SD (lazy) tomorrow. :P
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