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last night in berkeley, i was riding on fulton st (continues off of oxford), and there were 4 (FOUR!) people on bikes going the opposite direction!

fulton is a two-lane one-way street! 

and NONE of those four people had bike lights! 


this is the kind of shit that gets you killed!

and FOUR people—how can not even one person out of them have bike lights??! and how can not even one person say and confront the rest of the group that riding on the opposite direction on a one-way street (or more generally salmoning: riding on the wrong side of a two-way street) is not a smart thing to do??!

the blocks in that area of berkeley are pretty short—the next one down is a one-way in the other direction. and even if they were going to a person’s house on that side of the street they were riding on, they should have gotten on the sidewalk! since they don’t have lights and it’s at night when the sidewalks aren’t crowded.

there was an article yesterday that said a cyclist got killed by a salmoning cyclist. like, holy wtf. you’d wish it was an onion article about an actual salmon or something.


Historical Map: Oakland-San Francisco “Key System” Commuter Rail Routes, c. 1939—1940
A charming, if simplistic, map of commuter rail services offered by the Key System company. Some sources on the Internet date this to 1941: however, the prominent “Exposition Ferry from Ferry Bldg.” callout box would seem to link this map to the timeframe of the Golden Gate International Exposition held on Treasure Island between February 1939 and September 1940.
These dates mean that the Bay Bridge, the Transbay Terminal in San Francisco and the transbay commuter rail routes as shown on the map are all pretty much brand spanking new. By 1958, commuter rail over the Bay Bridge had ceased operations: the Key System replaced these services with buses, and were themselves taken over by AC Transit in 1960. AC Transit’s B, C, E, and F lines still roughly follow the corresponding Key System routes today.
(Source: shanan/Flickr)

I always still think that it’s SOOOO COOL that streetcars used to run on my street where i grew up in Berkeley (college ave).
wish they still did!
***whoever used to live where i did in the 1940s would’ve been able to hop onto a streetcar within the block, and single-ride across the bay bridge to SF! vs. now from that spot, BART stations are 1.5+ miles away.
new sacramento-style crosswalks on the shattuck/hearst intersection in downtown-north berkeley. 27.06.13.
did berkeley have a frikkin “dedication" for these crosswalks? i think not!
wtfeezy, though??! i don’t even know the name for this type of crosswalk. are there studies that show these are more visible to drivers than regular zebra-striped/continental crosswalks? or are these just a way to save money on paint??
**but previously, the crosswalks were just the two lines, so yes, these are more visible than the past iteration on this particular intersection.
omg i love the monkeylectric guys! making cycling even more fun!
if you want a monkeylight pro, get on it on kickstarter (25 days to go) and the VIDEO is hella rad—watch it! i have the mini monkeylight from an earlier kickstarter. pretty cool. only sucks that you can’t see it from your point of view if you’re the rider and the lights are on your wheels. gotta ask the people riding with you “hey, what’s it spinning now??!!”
i finally got new kicks. 
thx chrome for finally making women-specific shoes.
back in aug or sept. chrome had a big sale, with the basic “pedal series” shoes on sale for $10 a pair! but my small asian feet don’t fit the smallest size in mens/unisex.. :[
also, i love parks, esp. the parks in berkeley, in case you missed that.

saw two people in Berkeley cycling with motorcycle helmets on.

why buy another helmet when you already have one, right?

@ohlone park in berkeley, see a girl longboarding down the bike lane. Flowing brown hair, black skinny jeans, grey sweater, carrying a large bag on shoulder… hella berkeley skateboard chic.

(sry was seated a bit too far to snap a good pic.)

I finally rode up (down?) telegraph ave. northbound again (recently I’d been taking the broadway—college ave. route) and I noticed…

CROSSWALK IMPROVEMENTS!!! forthcoming on the Berkeley section of telegraph ave.

starting at the ashby ave. intersections—preliminary striping for zebra-stripe crosswalks—up ‘til near uc berkeley campus (but I turned off at haste).

photo above is from howe st (just after ashby) at telegraph.

ughh got squeezed by a school bus and then a white delivery van on shattuck ave. in downtown berkeley.

I know milvia is the parallel bicycle boulevard, but sometimes you gotta go someplace right on shattuck! Traffic goes way too fast on that street.

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