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i finally got new kicks. 
thx chrome for finally making women-specific shoes.
back in aug or sept. chrome had a big sale, with the basic “pedal series” shoes on sale for $10 a pair! but my small asian feet don’t fit the smallest size in mens/unisex.. :[
also, i love parks, esp. the parks in berkeley, in case you missed that.

saw two people in Berkeley cycling with motorcycle helmets on.

why buy another helmet when you already have one, right?

@ohlone park in berkeley, see a girl longboarding down the bike lane. Flowing brown hair, black skinny jeans, grey sweater, carrying a large bag on shoulder… hella berkeley skateboard chic.

(sry was seated a bit too far to snap a good pic.)

I finally rode up (down?) telegraph ave. northbound again (recently I’d been taking the broadway—college ave. route) and I noticed…

CROSSWALK IMPROVEMENTS!!! forthcoming on the Berkeley section of telegraph ave.

starting at the ashby ave. intersections—preliminary striping for zebra-stripe crosswalks—up ‘til near uc berkeley campus (but I turned off at haste).

photo above is from howe st (just after ashby) at telegraph.

ughh got squeezed by a school bus and then a white delivery van on shattuck ave. in downtown berkeley.

I know milvia is the parallel bicycle boulevard, but sometimes you gotta go someplace right on shattuck! Traffic goes way too fast on that street.

» Bicyclist hit, killed on I-80 in Berkeley

sfgate, 01.06.13.

wth??! near university ave?? 4.30am??!

the city didn’t build the Berkeley BIKE BRIDGE for nothing!!

??!! on college ave. at ashby, berkeley.
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