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working very hard on my paper..

Anyone happen to be a San Franciscan cyclist expert on tumblr on a Friday night and wanna confirm my timeline? or spot any corrections to be made? (or should I repost tomorrow morning?)

1971 SF Bike Coalition (SFBC) founded; dormant through the 1980s.

1972 SFBC’s protected bike lanes on Market St. approved by SF Board of Supervisors but opposed by SFDPW and never built

1973 Transit First policy adopted by the city

1990 SFBC re-founded. SF Bicycle Advisory Committee founded.

1992 First Critical Mass ride (Sept. 25)

1997 Bicycle Plan adopted; many bicycle lanes constructed and 1,500+ bike parking racks

2000 SFBC entered electoral politics

2002 SFBC community outreach effort for 1997 Bike Plan update

2005 Bike Plan approved by Board of Supervisors and Mayor Gavin Newsom

2006 Superior Court required EIR for the Bike Plan, imposed injunction (no bike improvements from June 2006–August 2010, exception of bike parking racks)

2007 Healthy Saturdays to re-establish car-free weekend in Golden Gate Park. Bike SF 2010 milestone goals

2008 Sunday Streets. Total of 23 miles of streets with bike paths (Class I), 45 mi. bike lanes (Class II), 132 mi. bike routes (Class III) in SF. Open house about the City’s Bicycle Plan. Caltrain issues Bicycle Access and Parking Plan

2009 Bike plan with EIR finally approved. SFBC over 10,000 members. Community meetings held by SFMTA Bike Program 

2010 Injunction lifted. SFMTA started construction of 34 miles of bike lanes, also installed 10 on-street bike corrals. Number of cyclists increased by 58% from 2006 baseline (SFMTA count at 33 locations)

2011 SFBC over 12,000 members. “Connecting the City” campaign. 11 mi. of the proposed 34 mi. additional bike lanes completed by end of Jan.

2012 Projects: 6 current; 21 completed; 28 future. New 2012–2017 Strategic Plan

2015 “Connecting the City” 25-mile network of protected cycle tracks to be completed

I don’t believe anyone at SFBC would check their email and reply this weekend..

(Source: citymaus)

yes, please.
but the city repaved new asphalt on 6th Ave. along Balboa Park only a month ago! Could’ve painted crosswalks and bike lanes (the blue dotted Class II bike lanes) at the same time! #€#$$€&%
city of san diego updated bicycle master plan (2011).
Each sharrow costs $229, with installation costs.Sharrow the road! portlandmercury, 02.07.10. But do sharrows work?, 17.11.11. 
photo from my first trip to PDX, in the NW. 06.2011.
» Engineers Unveil Designs for Bike/Ped Path on Bay Bridge West Span

How cool would it be to bike across the Bay Bridge??

super cool. 

For more than 15 years, bicycle advocates in San Francisco and the East Bay have pushed for a west span path to connect bike commuters to the east span path expected to open between Oakland to Yerba Buena Island by 2014.

read more: sf.streetsblog, 14.12.11.

*conceptual photo is a cross-section! Hopefully we won’t be riding our bikes and then taking a dive

**This would make for such a great bike ride from the East Bay: south from Richmond or over the Berkeley Bike Bridge, along the shore (The Bayshore Trail, it’s called?) (Emeryville), and then across the Bay Bridge.

Cycling Copenhagen, Through North American Eyes from Streetfilms on Vimeo.

I often hear now-a-days, the automobile instigated good roads; that the automobile is the parent of good roads. Well, the truth is, the bicycle is the father of the good roads movement in this country.
Horatio Earle, 1929.
Father of the Good Roads Movement
34 New Miles of Bike Lanes coming to San Francisco 
» San Francisco 2009 Bicycle Plan

In order to achieve the Bicycle Plan’s mission of making bicycling safer and more convenient in San Francisco, the plan’s recommendations must be implemented quickly and thoroughly. We must advance the expansion of our local bicycle route network as one large and urgent civic project rather than becoming mired in isolated individual projects. This will require coordinated efforts by many City departments, as well as continued public involvement focused on this overall goal.

— Gavin Newsom

SFMTA: Citizens’ Guide to the 2009 Bicycle Plan

What’s Newsom been up to lately?

Can he run for San Diego mayor and help root for bikes??

in Uppsala, Sweden. 19.12.11.

Between August and December 2010, the SFMTA installed ten “bicycle corrals”, which are groups of five to eight inverted-U racks located in the street next to the sidewalk, replacing one automobile parking space. These were installed at locations with a particularly high demand for bicycle parking, usually grocery stores or cafes.
—san francisco bike plan (wiki)

This is way more than that.
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