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The European Mobility Week is coming soon! Here’s a good initiative in Paris: the city encourages the inhabitants to use their bike to go to work.
You can sign up on the website: and track how many kilometers you ride the whole week. You can win a week’s holiday in Croatia. Strange way to reward the cyclists. Is it so tiring to ride a bike for one week?
copenhagenize, 30.08.13.
Chicago winter bike to work day

Is today! If you’re reading this and at in the Loop, and hopefully I will not have snoozed my alarm clock too many times, let’s hang out!

Free caribou coffee and cheesecake at Daley Plaza from 6-9am.

I will be in the Loop til early afternoon.

So excite! I get to see the new bike lanes on Dearborn! and maybe someone will let me borrow her bike for a few blocks so I can ride it.

Today is national “Bike to Work Day” in the US. In Denmark we are celebrating “a weekday”.
Kasey Klimes, 18.05.12. (via twitter)
SF Mayor Ed Lee with his Transportation Policy Director Gillian Gillette cycling on Market Street green separated bikeway earlier today.
SF Bike to Work Day, 10.05.12. photo by sfbike.

Tune-Up Time is a bicycle event for the whole family! Whether you are a cycling enthusiast, a novice, or haven’t ridden in a while, there is something for everyone. Tune-Up Time takes place just in time to prepare for Bike to Work Day, Friday, May 18.
So grab your bike, join us, and rally to ride!

larger flyer (pdf)

You coming? Bike Happy Hour starts this Thursday, 10th May at 5pm in Old Oakland. Celebrate with us!

more info: EBBC.
told my mom to go to this. she won’t have a beer for me, though.
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