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on the beautiful last stretch into santa cruz, 24.07.13.
gotta be one of the worst signs ever. 
at this spot: finally getting out of sf area, before the gnarly curvy uphill part before the new tunnel that gets you on your way to half moon bay. (yeah, you wish i could be more exact.)
you’re supposed to turn left there onto that pathway to continue south.
hooray for smartphones and gps.
two-way cycle track on the boardwalk (one-way street) in santa cruz. 24.07.13.
i think bike touring is (one of) the ultimate way(s) to enjoy california. 

photo from today: a nice bike path entering half moon bay.
» San Francisco to Santa Cruz: An Elegant Route

going on my second little bike touring trip tomorrow!! (the oakland—sacramento century ride “ride for a reason" doesn’t totally count as a "bike tour" because it was supported).

  • SF—pescadero (staying at the pigeon point lighthouse hostel) ~54 miles
  • pescadero—santa cruz ~27 miles or so
  • santa cruz—san jose (then caltrain back to sf or bus to bart to oakland)

not as detouring as this group did—they went to a couple state parks to camp out—my friend and i don’t plan on camping and won’t be bringing any camping gear.

and pretty easy on the mileage—i only hope the hills aren’t so tough but i heard from santa cruz to san jose the hills are like going up grizzly peak..

more on this route covered by everybodybikessf, 05.06.12.

the “woogie” treehouse stage @lightning in a bottle.
sierra nevada. somewhere off of angels camp. 21.06.13.

i’m on my way…

to celebrate the summer solstice, the full moon, and my birthday (23 on the 23rd. only happens once) in the sierra nevada foothills.

going to “become one with nature” and manifest all sorts of stuff.. ;P lol :)

but don’t worry! i have a couple posts queued up for you! i can’t NOT blog for a day, after all!

» Oaklanders rejoice around redone lake

A man riding a bike modified for the water strolls around Lake Merritt during the Love Our Lake Day celebrations of renovations to Lake Merritt in Oakland, Calif. on June 9, 2013. Photo: Ian C. Bates

"It’s been a long time coming," said Avi Rose, 59, a nonprofit director who was at the festival with his daughter, Aviva, 10. “I remember when the lake wasn’t so nice. But now it’s become this great community gathering spot.”

Eileen Sugai, 45, a project manager, said the lake is a major asset for her family. Her husband now walks along the lake to get to work, they often rent boats on the weekend and it’s become a favorite dog-walking spot.

"Now, when I tell people we live by Lake Merritt, everyone gets it," she said. "It’s so beautiful; we’re lucky to live here."

Even Gov. Jerry Brown was gushing abut the lake on Sunday. The former Oakland mayor and current resident spoke briefly at the new amphitheater before a crowd of several thousand.

"This is evidence that with enough money and good taste, you can do beautiful things," he said. "I wish that it happened faster, but this is pretty good for government work."

He also called Oakland “the best city in California” and told residents to call him if they ever needed anything.

sfgate, 09.06.13.

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