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my mom in downtown oakland!
Cities often celebrate Chinatowns as key neighborhoods. But if we’re not careful, they could become little more than a historic plaque or decorative welcome gate — empty tributes to the many real-life working immigrants who continue to need the support of these communities.

Chinatowns Are Gentrifying at an Alarming Rate (via theatlanticcities, 09.10.13.)

related: Oakland Chinatown’s development plan, and its history of land taken from its residents. 15.04.12.

(Source: thisiscitylab)

I biked to work every day this week!


lol ya you’d think I’d already been doing this, but usually I get lazy once or twice a week and take BART instead.

I’ve also been feeling calmer and more content(?) this week. maybe because i’ve started doing yoga again recently? or the bicycling to work? or other factors..

anyway, happy friday!

There’s a Community Design Workshop for Latham Square Plaza tomorrow (saturday) afternoon 12-4pm—the little corner where Telegraph Ave. and Broadway split off in Downtown Oakland; I didn’t even know there was a name of it. it’s for a pilot project to reclaim pedestrian/public space.

after that in SF is the Chinese New Year parade! 5:15-8pm. you can get off BART at montgomery and follow the route from there. “One million expected to attend” (22.02.13). I don’t remember ever going to the CNY parade in SF although my mom says i’ve been once when I was little, so i’m kinda excited. :D tong yun fuw!

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