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» Cycling in cities: the search for the world's most bike-friendly metropolis

a quite complete overview of cycling in cities—covering policy history in Amsterdam and Denmark, how Danes don’t consider cycling exercise (it’s just their mode of transport), cycling in Paris, vs London, vs Canadian cities, the advent of “vehicular cycling” in North America, and statistics from research like death rate and health benefits.

A woman weaves through traffic in London. The city was found to be the ‘most terrifying’ of the places sampled. Photograph: Martin Godwin for the Guardian

So while most other developed nations continued through the 1980s and beyond with road transport design that prioritised the needs of motorised vehicles, a dramatic change was taking place in northern Europe. The shift in thinking catalysed by public protest was that, rather than requiring children and cyclists to adapt to motorised traffic, traffic should adapt to children and cyclists. 

Making people feel safer on bikes should not mean equipping them with high-vis and reflective helmets,” says Jack Harris, owner of London’s Tally Ho! Cycle Tours. “We need infrastructure that allows a broader cross-section of society to get onto a bike.” The places that are serious about encouraging cycling as a safe, accessible and pleasant mode of transport have some tough decisions to make about vulnerable users, including cyclists, in the allocation of urban space.

read more: theguardian, 04.03.14.

If you demolish the whole city for the flow of traffic, what destination for that traffic would be left?

Marc van Woudenberg of Amsterdamize

in Why the Streets of Copenhagen and Amsterdam Look So Different From Ours. atlanticcities, 25.04.12.


The Lulu hamming it up on urban planning tour of neighbourhood with Blanka from City of Calgary

Time to move stuff. Including The Lulu #copenhagen #cargobike

what if every person in america who owns a suv owned one of these instead?

The Lulu took photos all the way to the beach #thelulu #cyclechic #copenhagen

kid-in-cargo-bike perspective.
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