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bike shop finally coming to downtown oakland!! 21.07.14.
blues/reggae every wednesday(?) at the end of the work day. in front of city hall, downtown oakland.
east bay bike party starting up in downtown oakland, 08.02.13.

just heard 5 or 6 gunshots outside, maybe about a block away.

looked out my window, saw a young black guy holding his girlfriend’s hand running away. not tryna get shot tonight.

just decided to go g.maps street view in downtown austin, TX out of curiosity (and distraction from hw readings). 
quite surprised. Downtown looks nice. Wide streets but some diagonal parking, buses running through, wide sidewalks, some street trees and public art, benches, corner bulb-outs, long line of people outside a theatre, and bikes??! not what I expect from Texas. 
but then I saw the sign outside of the theatre: SXSW. gd hipsters and their bikes.  ;P
and those google van employees definitely planned the exact date for their work trip.  
*that cyclist on the left is squeezed, though. should’ve taken the center of the lane—diagonal parking is dangerous.
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