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» Uptown Oakland Named One Of The Best Neighborhoods in America

THE APA (american planning association) PUT OAKLAND ON ITS TOP TEN HOODS LIST!

As part of its “Great Places in America” program, the association has selected the ten best neighborhoods in the country that “add value to communities and foster economic growth and jobs.” Uptown — which helped Oakland earn a spot on another high-profile ranking — is the only California neighborhood to make the cut on the association’s list, making Oakland one of only two West Coast cities to be featured in the top ten. 

The association defines Uptown as the area bounded by Grand Avenue, 14th Street, Telegraph Avenue, and the I-980 freeway: 

via ebx, 01.10.14.
read more: APA’s Great Places in America: Neighborhoods—Uptown.

i wouldn’t include the freeway in uptown’s borders…

it’s still really weird to think of Uptown as Uptown, though… as someone who sort of remembers that this area didn’t used to have much.. Plus since i still think of the 19th st BART station as being downtown, going a block down to Telegraph Ave from Broadway and being in “Uptown” instead of “downtown” is strange.

the whole area west of San Pablo Ave i wouldn’t call Uptown, either..

anyway, thanks, Jerry Brown!

bike shop finally coming to downtown oakland!! 21.07.14.
blues/reggae every wednesday(?) at the end of the work day. in front of city hall, downtown oakland.
east bay bike party starting up in downtown oakland, 08.02.13.

just heard 5 or 6 gunshots outside, maybe about a block away.

looked out my window, saw a young black guy holding his girlfriend’s hand running away. not tryna get shot tonight.

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