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During the academic year OTREC at PSU offers the Friday Transportation Seminar Series. The seminars are supported by the Toulan School of Urban Studies and Planning and the Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering, and the NITC. This series is free and open to the public. Students, transportation professionals and community members are welcome to participate in person and via live streaming video. All seminars are also archived for future viewing. 
I’ve been to a few (only to the ones with topics I find interesting), sometimes too busy to go, so glad that they record it and put it up online. professors and students present their studies, as well as other professionals from the field. Urban planning and engineering topics.
The one screenshot above: Measuring Urban Bicyclists’ Uptake of Traffic-Related Pollution. stream here. (hourlong sessions, may be split if more than one presenter)
» Clever? Smart Street Lamps Light Up Only When Needed

smithsonian blog, 24.12.13.
via grist, 27.12.13.

» Bolts along Bay Bridge bike path fail

sfgate, 28.05.13.

holy sh-t wtfeezy caltrans??!!!

» Bullet-train planners face huge engineering challenge

The 141-mile section from Bakersfield to L.A. will travel over two mountain ranges and more than half a dozen earthquake faults. Experts see it as the project of the century.

The plan calls for bullet trains to shoot east from Bakersfield at 220 mph, climbing one of the steepest sustained high-speed rail inclines in the world. It would soar over canyons on viaducts as high as a 33-story skyscraper. The line would duck in and out of tunnels up to 500 feet below the rugged surface. It would cross more than half a dozen earthquake faults heading toward L.A.

latimes, 12.11.12

» Bay Bridge's east span Big Lift begins

A cross-section of a suspension cable shows how it is made up of bundles of individual cables. Photo: Carlos Avila Gonzalez

As state lawmakers contemplate an independent inspection of the new Bay Bridge tower foundation, construction crews are beginning what might be called the Big Lift — a major step in building the $6.3 billion east span, scheduled to open by Labor Day 2013.

Workers on Tuesday began the three-month process of lifting the 35,200-ton bridge decks from the temporary steel trestles on which they were assembled onto the tower and main suspension cable that will cradle and support the suspension span. As they started work, a state Senate committee grilled Caltrans over media allegations of irregularities in concrete inspections for the tower’s foundations…

sfgate, 16.08.12.

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