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» Think your plastic is being recycled? Think again.

The US may have Save the Earth campaigns to thank for the embrace of recycling. But more likely, it was made possibly by China’s emergence as a manufacturing powerhouse. The more China made, the more it needed used plastics, eventually sucking up around two-thirds of the US’s plastic scrap each year, worth several billion dollars.

“[Plastics] 3-7 are absolutely going to a landfill—[China’s] not taking that any more… because of Green Fence,” David Kaplan, CEO of Maine Plastics, a post-industrial recycler, tells Quartz. “This will continue until we can do it in the United States economically.”

China controls a large portion of the recycling market, importing about 70% of the world’s 500m tonnes of electronic waste and 12m tonnes of plastic waste each year. Sudden Chinese policy changes therefore have a significant impact on the global recycling trade, which puts pressure on western countries to reconsider their reliance on the cost-effective practice of exporting waste, a habit that’s reinforced by a lack of domestic recycling infrastructure and a lower demand for secondary raw materials.

China’s Green Fence policy just might spur the U.S. government and recyclers into much-needed innovation..

dailykos, 18.09.13.

The European Mobility Week is coming soon! Here’s a good initiative in Paris: the city encourages the inhabitants to use their bike to go to work.
You can sign up on the website: and track how many kilometers you ride the whole week. You can win a week’s holiday in Croatia. Strange way to reward the cyclists. Is it so tiring to ride a bike for one week?
copenhagenize, 30.08.13.
It’s interesting to see that in places like Copenhagen, biking is so ubiquitous, people see bikes as a handy tool, like a lawn-mower or a vacuum cleaner, and don’t really identify themselves as bicyclists. In a way, they’ve transcended the cultural question on an individual level, though bicycling is certainly part of the larger identity of the city.
— Martha Roskowski on urban cycling culture. (via thisbigcity)
and that’s why they have cycle tracks / bike lanes on the sidewalk in most places in europe.
(just one of the reasons)

Bike Snob Abroad, A Book by Blogger BikeSnobNYC on the Wonders of Bike-Friendly Europe
“As for the book’s content, I don’t want to spoil it, but the short version is that it’s about how riding bikes with your family is beautiful and about how when you do it in another country where it’s normal you realize that the United States is a sick society with little regard for human life–but in an entertaining way.”
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