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not sure why you would 700c a heavy vintage citybike, but i guess if you wanted the white rims that badly…
complete bike on sale for $150 in LA/SD area.the rear wheel is flip-flop, so you could even ride it fixed!
Downtown San Diego (Gaslamp) seriously needs bike parking. (as in bike corrals. also need repaved streets, protected bike lanes, and wider sidewalks!)
the awarewolfs (AWLF) and cretins @quality social for metal dj night, and mustache march madness mash (mmmm4). 20.03.14.

A lot of us we talking about how awesome it was that a ‘nice’ downtown place was doing such a NOT downtown thing. We all love downtown. But a lot of us, don’t quite really feel welcomed in most downtown spots OR we don’t even wanna go downtown cause the music suuucks. Thanks for opening up your doors specifically for a crowd like us.

Brenden rides an IRO fixed gearphotographed on Beekman St., Manhattanabout to compete in Monster Track, a popular alleycat.
» Pre-L.A. Marathon bike race canceled amid city crackdown

"UPDATE 8:30PM MAR 4th


Today. the Chief of Investigation and Enforcement of the City of Los Angeles Bureau of Street Services made contact with Wolfpack Hustle and demanded that this event be cancelled or we may face criminal charges and bear liability for the costs of enforcement. This comes as a shock and disappointment.

We have requested an expedited permit be granted but have been told initially that it is not possible at this point for one to be granted. Therefore we have no choice but to fully comply with the city’s demands and we strongly urge that everyone obey the city’s request not to engage in this event or any like it.

Though unpermitted, this event has enjoyed the support of the LAPD and city going into it’s fifth year now, Wolfpack Hustle has been cooperative, and had sought to partner with LAPD and all agencies. We’ve met with and cooperated with city officials on several occasions. For 2014, we’ve taken further measures to ensure that the participants are safe and to prevent any claims being made on the City of Los Angeles and other cities and agencies, via waivers, participant / competitor separation, and by purchasing event insurance.

This event has been in the planning for at least one year, and builds on a community tradition referred to above. To threaten criminal prosecution 5 days prior to the event taking place comes as a shock and disappointment: The city is now demanding permits and payments where it has never done so in the past.



Some cyclists, still remembering the heart-racing thrill of their first marathon rides, are vowing to take to the street anyway.

They’re public streets, and we can be out on them at any time,” said Erick Huerta, 29, of Boyle Heights, who has participated every year. He said he and 20 to 25 other cyclists from the Eastside would ride Sunday, and he expected several hundred others to join them.

The unexpected roadblock for one of the city’s most popular cycling events comes as the underground biking movement emerges as a powerful force in Los Angeles. Guerrilla bicycling groups like Wolfpack Hustle and the Midnight Ridazz count thousands of members and are vocal supporters of city policies that favor cyclists, including a growing network of bike lanes.

Part street race, part theater, the Marathon Crash Race gives some of Los Angeles’ most daring and experienced cyclists a chance to compete for bragging rights and a coveted set of Wolfpack Hustle dog tags. For the less competitive cyclists who follow behind at a more staid pace, the event is a rare chance to zip freely down some of L.A.’s most famous boulevards without a car in sight.

Until now, city officials allowed the event to go on without a permit. But this year, several agencies — including the city attorney’s office and the Los Angeles Police Department — decided a permit was necessary because of public safety concerns.

This year, registrations flooded in from as far away as England, China and the United Arab Emirates, Ward said.

Ward said he believed a permit for the Marathon Crash Race could cost more than $100,000. Right now, competitive cyclists pay $20 to register, though many amateurs join in without registering. The race receives some corporate sponsorship, including from Red Bull.

Raising the entrance fee to cover the permit, he said, would prevent younger cyclists from experiencing the race with older and more experienced riders.

It’s just not meant for weekend warrior roadies,” Ward said.

"It’s meant for youngsters who are not necessarily the most privileged people."

latimes, 05.03.14.

that sucks… the wolfpack hustle marathon crash is still on my list of rides to do if/when i’m in socal at the corresponding time. i gotta ride my fixie more.

A barnacled Motebecane found at low tide in Mission Creek and rebuilt as a fixed gear with the help of the bike mechanics at Pedal Revolution
—Chris Sollars, 37, artist/professor
Cyclists show off their San Francisco bike style. sfgate, 28.02.14.
the social pressure to wear a helmet in the US

is so enormous it’s outright ridiculous! and offensive!!

I was just cycling in downtown portland, nice day out, busy area with lots of people, some cars, and light rail trains

and some random middle-aged white man yelled at me from a corner as I passed,


I was momentarily shocked but then yelled back WHERE’S YOURS?!

cuz look at the statistics. look at those rates of pedestrian injuries and deaths from drivers hitting them. for what reason should people NOT be wearing helmets when walking around outside??

and look up the stats on car crashes. for what reason should people NOT be wearing helmets while driving??

why shouldn’t children be wearing helmets 24/7 indoors because of the danger of falling objects and sharp table corners??!

it’s obscenely ridiculous that the helmet thing has gotten so out of control and ingrained in american minds that random people will yell at people they don’t know to wear a helmet!!

plus, for me, it feels worse. I haven’t heard many stories from others about random people yelling at them to wear helmets, but in my experience..
it always seems like it’s middle-aged (or older) white men telling me to do shit.

as a young asian-american female, this is particularly sensitive to me. what the fuck

I can only assume that these men are tea partiers or republicans, from the midwest or south or something.

and hope that they treat everyone in the same patronising manner. (versus if it’s true that they only attack women and minorities)

like, did I blow through a red light?? did I kill someone??

gosh, the way he said it I might as well have. like it’s the greatest sin against society to not wear a helmet when riding a bike.

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