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sunday in the east bay.
vera and her renovatio.
Kelli Samuelson @2014 Barcelona Red Hook Crit.
via fggt. 
not sure why you would 700c a heavy vintage citybike, but i guess if you wanted the white rims that badly…
complete bike on sale for $150 in LA/SD area.the rear wheel is flip-flop, so you could even ride it fixed!
Downtown San Diego (Gaslamp) seriously needs bike parking. (as in bike corrals. also need repaved streets, protected bike lanes, and wider sidewalks!)
the awarewolfs (AWLF) and cretins @quality social for metal dj night, and mustache march madness mash (mmmm4). 20.03.14.

A lot of us we talking about how awesome it was that a ‘nice’ downtown place was doing such a NOT downtown thing. We all love downtown. But a lot of us, don’t quite really feel welcomed in most downtown spots OR we don’t even wanna go downtown cause the music suuucks. Thanks for opening up your doors specifically for a crowd like us.

Brenden rides an IRO fixed gearphotographed on Beekman St., Manhattanabout to compete in Monster Track, a popular alleycat.
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