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I love this juxtaposition on Rue de la Republique in Lyon, France for three and probably more reasons.
Firstly, it’s just a beautiful pedestrian-first street. The surface texture tells you the whole area is for pedestrians, but there’s a curb so some vehicles (for deliveries I think) are allowed down, carefully. Note that the sum of the sidewalk widths is greater than the central thoroughfare width, meeting my 50% rule-of-thumb. Note also that there are no trees on this block (and definitely no grass) proving they are a far from necessary condition for pedestrian comfort.
The two buildings have obviously completely different architecture - in almost every conceivable way - but have almost exactly the same ‘form’, as would be defined in the Building Form Standards section of a good Form-Based Code. Not just obvious massing and placement features like height and a build-to-line, but also the marking of ground floor vs the rest, ground floor permeability and perhaps minimum fenestration. The new building would probably benefit from not having a single large store on the bottom.
Cheekily, I quite like that the new building reflects the beautiful traditional one, almost vanishing as if admitting that the traditional can’t be duplicated or bettered.

Lovely observations, and a great demonstration on the importance of space and form!
The European Mobility Week is coming soon! Here’s a good initiative in Paris: the city encourages the inhabitants to use their bike to go to work.
You can sign up on the website: and track how many kilometers you ride the whole week. You can win a week’s holiday in Croatia. Strange way to reward the cyclists. Is it so tiring to ride a bike for one week?
copenhagenize, 30.08.13.

a true wheel rides strong. a true soul never wavers.

my first thought when i saw this pic was darling, do you even ride? then i noticed her lycra short tan and after a quick google search, low and behold, Marion Rousse is the 21 year old female road cycling champion of France. don’t agree with how she’s being portrayed here … but girl’s got legs. 
kids sleeping while riding up a mountain in burgundy, france.

Paris Métro Map Mosaic Wall
This has the subway mural in Brooklyn beat, I feel.
This awesome tiled map of the 13th arrondisement covers the whole wall of this building (which I’m guessing is located where the red lines on the map intersect), complete with street names, parks, and Metro stations. It looks like the route lines are neon lighting, just for that extra cool factor. The whole thing has a great 8-bit art feeling to it which I love.
(Source: Pierre MM/Flickr)
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