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» Bolts along Bay Bridge bike path fail

sfgate, 28.05.13.

holy sh-t wtfeezy caltrans??!!!

» Becky Lee, Pedestrian Killed in S.F., Worked at Sunnyside Elementary School

Staff and students over at Sunnyside Elementary School are struggling with the loss of 60-year-old Becky Lee, a popular custodian who was known as “Ms. Becky” to the kids at school.

Lee was walking in a crosswalk when she was hit by a pickup truck last Wednesday at the intersection of Judson Avenue and Edna Street, just a few blocks away from where she worked at Sunnyside Elementary.

She was rushed to San Francisco General Hospital where she was pronounced dead.

The 42-year-old woman who was driving the truck wasn’t arrested and remained on the scene where she cooperated with the cops. Police are still trying to determine how the collision occurred.

sfweekly, 17.04.13.

» Tight security helps allay fears on the MBTA

In the hours after the bombings, Hubway bicycles all but vanished from the stations surrounding Copley Square and Boston Common as runners and spectators fled the scene. Taxis were difficult to flag and stretches of the T closed down, so some found the bikes the quickest way to weave through the throngs of ambulances and barricades and gridlocked traffic, and put distance between themselves and the explosion site as fast as they could.

Bryan Hogan, a Malden resident, left work in the Financial District Monday evening but grew anxious at the thought of taking the T home. Cabs seemed impossible to flag. So he called Hubway. An employee said they would not charge him to keep the bike overnight, since there were no stations in his hometown.

bostonglobe, 16.04.13.
via copenhagenize: “Bikeshare played a role in allowing people to leave Boston on Monday.”


Here is the bike 28 year-old Elyse Stern was riding on Friday night when she was hit by Juan Ricardo Hernandez-Campoceco, who was driving drunk. 
I would like MPD Sgt. William Palmer to explain to us all how a helmet and lights would have prevented Hernandez-Campoceco from doing this to Stern’s bike with his car, killing her instantly, and continuing on his way without even slowing down.
I would like Palmer to explain to me why, when “one of the key ­lessons here is prevention,” he immediately mentions a helmet and lights, without saying anything about harsher drunk driving laws. Sure, let’s talk about bike safety, but let’s also talk about how physics, the legal system, and our culture ensures that, no matter who was at fault, motorized transportation will win out in terms of bodily harm, police reports, and a media that still portrays cyclists as outliers and freaks. Explain to me why that is.
» Britain's longest cycling tunnel to open

The Combe Down Tunnel is a key section of the Two Tunnels Greenway, a four-mile stretch of disused railway between Bath and the village of Midford in Somerset. It forms part of a longer cycling loop that takes in other striking engineering accomplishments, including the already reopened but shorter Devonshire Tunnel, the Dundas Aqueduct and Tucking Mill Viaduct…

The launch date marks 50 years since the Beeching report condemned thousand of miles of UK railway to dereliction. To date, Sustrans claim they have resurrected 1,500 miles of disused lines as cycle and pedestrian paths around the country.

To celebrate the tunnel’s opening on 6 April there will be a festival at Bloomfield Road Open Space. From 12.30-4pm there will be a 13-mile family bike ride on the loop through the Combe Down and Devonshire tunnels, and along the Tucking Mill Viaduct and Dundas Aqueduct. Sustrans will be taking donations of £5 from individuals and £10 from families.

bikeradar, 25.03.13

DON’T RUN RED LIGHTS.  you hurt pretty girls on their bikes. 40th/telegraph like 25mins ago.
I didn’t see it happen, just this. OPD are there now. The girl with the orange hair was driving, ran a red light from what I heard someone say. Hit a girl on a bike. She’s the one sitting with black jeans, face blocked by the guy.
» Demolition of Historic Building for Surface Parking Lot Continues

San Diego, 741 F Street, demolition continues on this historic warehouse to make room for surface parking. Until recently, the building was being used by International Male and Braun Clothing. It was a key component of the low key retail district “Behind the Post Office” (name of several alternative clothing stores that occupied the neighborhood in the nineties) around F St. and 8th through 7th Avenues.

The demolished building is one of several downtown buildings owned by the late Morris Slayen, who attractively remodeled warehouse and other historic properties downtown as office and retail. He was not only a pioneer of downtown redevelopment but also a pioneer of co-workings spaces, creating such notable co-working incubator office spaces as the Carriage Works in the Gaslamp Quarter. His heirs have shown little regard for their father’s building legacy. Moreover, the demolition was approved in a faulty process in which the City ignored several key requirements in removing the historic designation, notifying the public, and allowing a parking lot to take the place of the buildings. The demolition as spawned a Petition Against Demolition for Parking Lots in San Diego. 

urbdezine, 18.03.13.

oh, san diego. sunny yet so sad.

“No Criminality Suspected” Stencils Spotlight Lack of Traffic Justice.
Last night, a group of activists traveled to the sites of eight traffic fatalities and stenciled paint memorials for those who lost their lives walking or biking in crashes for which NYPD declared “no criminality suspected” within hours of the crash. This morning, Time’s Up! led a memorial bike ride to the eight crash sites.
In a plea for justice from Police Commissioner Ray Kelly, the stencil memorials ask, ”Why, Ray, Why?”
streetsblog, 15.03.13.
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