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Let me be clear,” Mr. Bloomberg said. “We are not going to abandon the waterfront. We are not going to leave the Rockaways or Coney Island or Staten Island’s South Shore.” But he added that the city “cannot just rebuild what was there and hope for the best.”

“We have to build smarter and stronger and more sustainable,” he added, while conceding that the city had yet “to determine exactly what that means.

— NYC Mayor Bloomberg vows to put more people in harms way. (via climateadaptation)

(via climateadaptation)



Absolutely wonderful hand-drawn map of NYC by illustrator Jenni Sparks, second only to Paula Scher’s masterpieces. 
(↬ kottke)

This is so gorgeous. Says a lot about the subway’s importance and place in New York’s collective psyche that it’s featured so prominently in the design, cutting vibrant coloured slashes across the landscape. Click through to Jenni’s site to see more of this stunning work.
» With transportation snarled in Brookyn, bikes roam free.

In post-storm New York, the bike is having a moment of sorts.

With subways still not running under the East River or between Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn, traffic snarled in many places and lines for buses stretching for blocks, many people in Brooklyn took to bicycles on Thursday to get where they had to go…

Many frequent bike commuters said that, with sparse traffic in downtown Manhattan, conditions for biking were ideal.

“I just bombed all the way down Broadway right now — I think I saw five cars,” said Jason Jaramillo, 34, who had just biked to Brooklyn from the Upper West Side. “I wish it was always like this.”

nytimes, 01.11.12.

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» liquid: A free bike rental to help you get around after Hurricane Sandy

We hope everyone is safe and dry on the East Coast. With public transportation down in various cities we want to do what we can to help.

If any of you are trying to get to the store, work or another part of town to see friends and family we would like to offer a free bike rental up to $25. This will be available from Nov. 1st — Nov. 7th

Use the link here to redeem your free rental. You’ll then see the $25 added to your account balance. Feel free to share this with friends who might find it helpful.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions that you have.

Take care, 
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There IS a Bicycle Economy, Two Cities Find
Portland, Oregon and New York City, two very different cities, are finding something similar about cyclists and pedestrians — they tend to spend a bit more money in local economies.
Transportation Alternatives has been promoting the ‘bicycle economy’ in New York’s East Village, finding that:

“Streets that promote bicycling and walking mean more business for local shops and restaurants,” said Paul Steely White, Executive Director of Transportation Alternatives (TA). “When it comes to the impact bike lanes have on local businesses, it’s a case of ‘if you build it, they will come.”
Full Story: TreeHugger, 02.10.12.
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