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Petition President Obama & Administration to stop using plastic water bottles at the White House.
i believe it is a person’s personal choice, based on information one has, to consume whatever it is one wants. but.. really, white house???! 
18 months ago, our most respected climatologist, NASA’s James Hansen, calculated that because that patch of tarsands oil is so big, and because the sandy bitumen it contains is the dirtiest oil on earth, burning it on top of everything else we burn would mean it was “game over for the climate.
— Bill McKibben, founder of,Keystone pipeline decision will write Obama’s legacy’ (via publicsq)
Obama mentioned climate change

now let’s see if he talks about it again and implements better environmental policy.

Driving on bike lanes in the nation’s capitol.

am up bright and early, my cs host has the tv turned on to the inauguration.

Wow those are pretty cool center bike lanes the motorcade is slowly driving on.

But of course, it would be amazing if the president led everyone on bicycles.



What to do, what to do…
Vote for the person my beliefs match with best or vote to cancel out someone’s vote I disagree with. 
Sample Chicago Ballot

ALWAYS vote with your beliefs.

same dilemma.
america’s two-party system is a fail. polarizes the country.if you look at the political systems in other first-world countries, you’d see that they feature multiple parties forming coalitions—working out issues, compromising, and actually getting stuff done. 

The Keystone XL Pipeline route will separate thousands of miles of animal habitat, destroy fragile forests, put thousands of farms at risk, and threaten drinking water aquifers used by dozens of cities where millions of Americans work and live — all for Canadian oil that will primarily be sold on the international market.
Above: South of Fort McMurray, swaths of trees were removed to make way for an underground oil pipeline that carries product from the oil sands mines to processing facilities. Michael S. Williamson/The Washington Post


President Barack Obama greets restaurant patrons during a surprise visit to Great Eastern Restaurant for dim sum in San Francisco’s Chinatown on Feb. 16, 2012. (SAUL LOEB / AFP/Getty Images)

more photos here: blog.sfgate, 16.02.12.
» 21 festive uses for pepper spray

4) Toddlers. Oh, they think they’re so cute. They think they’re so important, what with claiming to be… what was it again? Right. “The future.” I mean, please.

Enough of them. Look at it this way: If it wasn’t for toddlers, we wouldn’t have to worry about the environment, the water supply, the economy, oil, anything at all. We could run riot, pwn this meager planet and abuse it to smithereens, just like the GOP intended. Here, little ones. Try a dose of harsh reality, courtesy of the police department. Psshhht. See you in college!

8) Hipster cyclists. Oh right, like you’ve never been driving along all calm and happy, when suddenly a skinny hipster whips in front of you and flips you off with one hand while toking on his American Spirit with the other, even as he chugs his Four Barrel triple latte with his giant beard before pedaling his fixie all the way to the Piercing Emporium to punch holes in your unsuspecting kids. Heathens! I pepper spray your nicely converted Schwinn and/or cool Chrome messenger bag!

read more: mark morford. sfgate, 30.11.11.

I love Mark Morford.

also read the reviews on amazon for this item (pepper spray).

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