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» Beyond Zuccotti Park

also today: 6pm @ annie alley (annie/mission st near new montgomery), san francisco. free to the public.

"What was it about Zuccotti Park, and other public spaces around the world, that helps explain its success? And how can we preserve and strengthen such spaces as places of protest? This book, like Zuccotti itself, is a site of vigorous conversation, hard thinking, and bold proposals on such issues."
—Mike Wallace, coauthor of Pulitzer Prize-winning Gotham: A History of New York City to 1898

Beyond Zuccotti Park is an insightful and relevant book that challenges us to think differently about the role of public space for civic engagement. If you believe in the First Amendment’s right to freedom of assembly, then this is the book to read.”
—Mitchell Silver, AICP, President, American Planning Association

11/10/12 — Time’s Up! & Occupy Sandy effort to bring food, supplies, energy bike charging stations and mobile bike repair to the Rockaways. photo by Brennan Cavanaugh
Happy birthday, Occupy. (photo taken on 15.09.12.)

There was just a bit of a skirmish in downtown Oakland. Tear gas, arrests, injuries. Our man on the ground @joshharkinson reports that it all started when the Oakland police tackled this woman riding a bike down Broadway. Follow our May Day coverage for the latest.

May Day in America vs. in Scandinavia/Europe.
» Occupy Movement gets a PAC

The Occupy movement has decided to fight fire with fire.

Last week, John Paul Thornton of Decatur, Ala. filed to create a PAC for the Occupy Movement.., 16.02.12.

on the corner of Rashida Muhammad Street and 19th, 28.01.12.

Journalists—Myself Included—Swept Up in Mass Arrest at Occupy Oakland.motherjones, 29.01.12. 
oh man.. occoak again.
at least this was further up a few blocks on mom was over at my grandparents’ on 8th st. earlier on saturday and called me wishing me a happy chinese new year. 
and later that night, shit goes down. I should’ve been on top of news and called on sunday.
just remembered that yesterday was West Coast Port Shut Down Day (OWS/Occupy Together/Occupy Everywhere).
hope it went well?*don’t have super extra internet time at the moment; travelling around* 
I’m pretty sure this is a photo from the Port of Oakland. taken by Andrei S.
*yay fb friends for keeping me somewhat updated*
» Occupy LA: [alternative #3 live ustream, from the inside]

Occupy Oakland in solidarity with Occupy LA.

oak folks in LA.

better quality video feed. thanks ustream for helping out occoak.


  • 1300 police officers filed out of the HQ
  • people getting arrested.
  • media stepping out—the press getting ushered off the street
  • closed area for the media

oakfosho (ustream linked above) got moved to the media area. 
this stream still coming from the inside. 
^ she needs a new battery! 

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