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» Occupy Movement gets a PAC

The Occupy movement has decided to fight fire with fire.

Last week, John Paul Thornton of Decatur, Ala. filed to create a PAC for the Occupy Movement.., 16.02.12.

just remembered that yesterday was West Coast Port Shut Down Day (OWS/Occupy Together/Occupy Everywhere).
hope it went well?*don’t have super extra internet time at the moment; travelling around* 
I’m pretty sure this is a photo from the Port of Oakland. taken by Andrei S.
*yay fb friends for keeping me somewhat updated*
» Occupy San Diego Riders Bike Raid — fri. 09.dec

OSDR Weekly Friday Bike Raid! Meet at 11:30 AM @ the Balboa Park Fountain. We will leave at noon. We will protest banks and big business. We will head to various banks in Hillcrest, North Park, etc. Then head to Mission Valley to protest big business and bloated consumerism. At Mission/Fashion Valley Malls. Bring signs and anything for visibility. And of course positive vibes. Occupyyrcorner has awesome signs you can print out.

occupy san diego bike riders


Occupy Oakland calls for a coordinated port shutdown in solidarity with longshoreman EGT, port workers, and Occupy LA against goldman sachs

west coast port shutdown — 12.12.11.SAN DIEGO port shutdown, fb event pg. PORTLAND shut down the port. 
gdmit—I’ll be out of town (country, actually..).you know how much I wanted to be a part of Occupy Oakland / General Strike @the Port of Oakland..  :T
» Occupy LA: [alternative #3 live ustream, from the inside]

Occupy Oakland in solidarity with Occupy LA.

oak folks in LA.

better quality video feed. thanks ustream for helping out occoak.


  • 1300 police officers filed out of the HQ
  • people getting arrested.
  • media stepping out—the press getting ushered off the street
  • closed area for the media

oakfosho (ustream linked above) got moved to the media area. 
this stream still coming from the inside. 
^ she needs a new battery! 

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