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» crazy shit going on @occupy wall street in NYC: huffpo liveblog

Zuccotti Park Evacuation: NYPD Orders Occupy Wall Street Protesters To Temporarily Evacuate Park [LATEST UPDATES]. huffpo, 15.11.11.

OWS Press Team: 'You Cannot Evict An Idea Whose Time Has Come'

Occupy Wall Street’s PR team just blasted out an email calling on supporters — who are cut off from accessing Zuccotti Park right now — to fall back to Foley Square, just north of New York’s City Hall. They also sent out a fairly lengthy statement about the city’s sudden move:

This moment is nothing short of America rediscovering the strength we hold when we come together as citizens to take action to address crises that impact us all.

Such a movement cannot be evicted. Some politicians may physically remove us from public spaces — our spaces — and, physically, they may succeed. But we are engaged in a battle over ideas. Our idea is that our political structures should serve us, the people — all of us, not just those who have amassed great wealth and power. We believe that is a highly popular idea, and that is why so many people have come so quickly to identify with Occupy Wall Street and the 99% movement.

You cannot evict an idea whose time has come.

and a second police raid of Occupy Oakland 4am, 14.11.11.

» Bill Moyers: "Our Politicians Are Money Launderers in the Trafficking of Power and Policy"

Why New York’s Zuccotti Park is filled with people is no mystery.  Reporters keep scratching their heads and asking: “Why are you here?” But it’s clear they are occupying Wall Street because Wall Street has occupied the country. 

— Bill Moyers. keynote at Public Citizen’s 40th Anniversary Gala, 20.10.11.

read the speech at, 03.11.11

» The Golden Rule

Per usual, Krugman spells out the obvious for anyone with half a mind. But, I wish he or someone was smart enough to lead us out of this death valley to the promised land. The electoral system is completely compromised by money such that the Golden Rule prevails — Those who have the gold make the rules. The electorate is resigned to voting for terrible vs. slightly less than terrible. In short, the electoral system is completely dysfunctional and as a result, wealthy individuals and corporations are manipulating elections and legislative initiatives. American democracy is a sham and the only people in the world that seem to not understand this, is the American people. On top of everything else, the reality is, there are too many people competing for limited jobs and resources.

comment by Mindful, from South Carolina.

column: Oligarchy, American Style. Krugman, nytimes, 04.11.11.

New York Occupy Wall Street General Assembly trying to show what a real democracy looks like. 11.10.11, by john flores.

» 1% — 98% — 1% ?

Seems like there is the lowest 1% ruining it for the 98% in the middle. The lowlife anarchists, wearing masks because they are cowards, who use such opportunities to trash their own cities and ruin it for the rest of the real protestors. Note that all these “mask wearing” bandits are in their early 20s with no sense of self or sense of civic duty. They think it’s fun to come out in times of crisis and exercise civil disobedience in the name of someone else’s cause. We should arrest them and make them clean up the mess and graffiti.

— rickgate, commentor on sfgate article: Occupy strike descends into chaos, 03.11.11.

Occupy Oakland general strike graffiti covers a Whole Foods Market at the corner of Grand Avenue and Harrison Street in Oakland, California on Weds. 02.11.11.

Marcelo Soto shows his feelings on his sign at the Port of Oakland. Occupy Oakland protesters numbering in the thousands shut down the Port of Oakland on Weds. 02.11.11, during the General Strike. photo: Carlos Avila Gonzalez

I also would’ve loved taking photos at the General Strike.
Riot Police clear out Occupy San Diego late at night.

— 9 hrs ago (3:30am)

Civic Center cleared. Get some sleep folks. Tomorrow we regroup.
— 8h ago.

The Occupy movement is only growing stronger. Occupy SD will not be moved, we will not be dispersed, our voices will not be stifled by Chief Landsdowne and Mayor Sanders. Please tell everyone to join the Occupation at Civic Center Plaza this morning! We will grow stronger and we will end the corporate greed and get America back on track. LETS OCCUPY TOGETHER!!
— 5h ago 

There were several people beaten by the police today as well as over a dozen arrested at Occupy SD. Chief of Police Landsdowne was seen laughing and smirking behind a line of 300 cops with batons while occupiers were being beaten assaulted by the police on his direct order. Please call the Mayor and Chief of Police Landsdowne and tell them that infringing on people’s freedom of speech and assembly by beating and assaulting peaceful protesters is inhumane.
San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders: (619) 236-6330 and SDPD Chief William Lansdowne (619) 531-2777
— 5h ago 

Good morning occupiers.
— 3h ago 

If you know of a San Diego Occupier who was arrested, please post their FULL name and date of birth here. Legal Team is busy compiling names and facilitating release as we text them. We must have Full Name and Date of Birth.
— current update 

occupy san diego.

no update on whether they went to the SANDAG meeting that should be wrapping up right now..

OAKLAND.. is where it’s at..
14th/broadway. photo by byron wilkes.occupyoakland: the tuesday night confrontations in photos, 25.10.11.
My mom (living a block away from this) hasn’t called me.. so I guess she’s doing alright and just staying inside..
A bicyclist ducks to avoid being shot with pepper-spray projectiles after the police line at 17th and Broadway fired tear gas at protesters. oakland, 25.10.11., 26.10.11.
» occupy san diego: occupy Chase bank

Occupying Chase Bank at Broadway and 7th! Help us come shut it down!

16 minutes ago

occupy san diego: occupy UCSD

I’m just sitting at an outside cafe area, catching up on some reading..

Then I hear “WE ARE THE 99 PERCENT!!” from Library Walk.

Hmm.. so the Occupy Together—Occupy Universities/College thurs. 20.10.11 is happening here.. at UCSD in La Jolla. Contrary to my expectations.

I feel like any protest thing here on UC San Diego campus is depressingly ineffective.

For one, the campus is quite far removed from downtown san diego. 
There’s nothing here except for college students, surrounded by a relatively affluent area.

It’s just like, nothing. ok. whatever..

But maybe there’s gonna be a march tomorrow (friday) in Downtown with the main Occupy San Diego group. I’ll probably join in on that.

Meanwhile.. I think the Occupy walkouts/protest at SDSU (closer to mainland san diego) are going better. 

****I DID put a “ninetyninetoone" sticker on a newspaper box on library walk, though. Hopefully the student protesters right now caught eye of that. :) 

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