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Muni Billboards for Ridership Advertising Campaign. March 14, 1978. 
Posted on Harrison and Dore Streets, just above Ambush Leather Shop (now an Acupuncture center).
SFMTA photo archives (follow their flickr!)
S.F. has new plan to drive more cars off Market Street
"This is primarily a safety project," said Timothy Papandreou, director of strategic planning in the sustainable streets division of the MTA.
The changes announced Friday include stepped-up enforcement of existing transit-only lanes and turn restrictions. Early next year, additional mandatory turns are to be installed at Third, Fourth and Fifth streets and transit-only lanes would be extended eastward down Market.
Market Street between Eighth and Montgomery streets has twice as many collisions as parallel Mission Street despite having only a third of the traffic, Papandreou said. It also includes four of the city’s 20 worst intersections for collisions that injure or kill pedestrians—Fifth, Sixth, Eighth, and Main Streets. Two of the worst intersections for bike collisions are also on Market at Third and Fifth streets.
sfgate, 15.03.14.
basically, market st. is gonna be even more confusing to drive on, so stick to mission st (soma) and only cross over to the other grid when you need to.
» AC Transit - Transbay Bicycle Survey

"AC Transit is also looking for ways to improve bike access on their transbay lines, including secure bike parking at key locations as well as providing opportunities to bring your bike with you.

However, to understand what improvements are needed and where they need to hear from you! Please take a moment to fill out the short survey online here, letting them know how you currently use AC Transit as well as what changes you would like to see.”

» Dear Google: Here's How to Make San Francisco Love You Again

sfweekly, 03.03.14.

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