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» Dear Google: Here's How to Make San Francisco Love You Again

sfweekly, 03.03.14.

A barnacled Motebecane found at low tide in Mission Creek and rebuilt as a fixed gear with the help of the bike mechanics at Pedal Revolution
—Chris Sollars, 37, artist/professor
Cyclists show off their San Francisco bike style. sfgate, 28.02.14.
Nadia Soedira, 31, jewelry makerBest thing: Bike lanesWorst thing: People with cell phones (drivers and pedestrians)
Mario Tanev, 32, software engineerBest thing: Feeling the cityWorst thing: Impatient drivers
Cyclists show off their San Francisco bike style. sfgate, 28.02.14.
» Google to pay for SF free Muni for youth program

Tech giant Google has agreed to donate $6.8 million to San Francisco to fund free Muni passes for low- and middle-income youth, under a deal brokered by Mayor Ed Lee, city officials said Thursday.

The donation is enough to cover the projected cost of the program for two years. It comes as tech companies are facing a steady backlash from city residents upset about rising housing costs and gentrification, which are often blamed on the large numbers technology workers living in the city but commuting to Silicon Valley on corporate shuttles.

"This is a good first step," said Supervisor David Campos, one of the program’s most vocal supporters at City Hall. "It’s a sign the community is being heard and, certainly, it’s appreciated, but there are still more discussions to be had around the future of free Muni for low- and middle-income youths and other issues around affordability."

Jane Martin, political director for the community group POWER, noted that the donation comes in the wake of a “growing movement against displacement.” She hopes the tech companies and workers will not just give money but “come to the table to work on solutions,” to broader displacement and affordability issues in the city.

sfgate, 27.02.14.

The San Francisco Yay Area. by <urbane/>
via sfweekly, 25.02.14.
» Show us your bike style!

Are you a spandex-clad weekend warrior cycling the Marin Headlands? Are you pedaling the Wiggle on your way to your SoMa job? Are you a tweedy hipster carrying a French bulldog in your commuter bike basket? A parent schlepping kids and groceries?

None of the above? Even better!

The Chronicle’s Sunday Style section wants to tell the story of how you bike in the city and beyond, and we want to photograph you for an upcoming issue.

All in? Great.

The Chronicle is holding open-call photo sessions at our downtown building:

Who: Yourself, and your bike. (Invite your friends!)

When: Friday, Feb. 21 (4-6 p.m.) and Saturday, Feb. 22 (10-1 p.m.)

Where: The Chronicle photo studio, behind 901 Mission Street building and near the Tempest Bar. Enter through Fifth Street parking lot (near Minna Alley).

Why: Your image might be published on SFGate and in an upcoming Style section.

Stop by, or better yet, make an appointment. Contact Style Editor Laura Compton at

256 tons of sand was used last year in preventing trains from running into one another.

"Muni’s light-rail trains run through prodigious amounts of sand, ordered from an outfit in Monterey in 30-pound sacks at a rate of 17 cents a pound. The city’s historic cable cars dumped 50 tons of sand onto the street last year."

sfweekly, 05.02.14.

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