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» Uruguayan Government Gives Out Bikes in Exchange For Guns

his creative initiative, which launched this week, is in response to the prevalence of illegal firearms and rising rates of homicides. The small South American nation, known for its quaintness, ranks 9th in number of guns per capita in the world. More than a million firearms are in the hands of the country’s 3.3 million residents, and half of those are unregistered.

treehugger, 06.02.13.

hmm would new bikes persuade oakland gunowners to turn in their guns?

Flow: How did a handful of corporations steal our water?



depressing, informative, democracy & people power. change the world through movements addressing common problems we will all have to deal with in the very near future. 


FLOW — the film. (2008. imdb.)

on my list. 
Thanks for the recc. 

Finally got around to watching this.
Thanks again, Renee, for the recommendation.

Now, I recommend this to all of you.

Extremely important documentary that all who drink water should watch.
As important as Food Inc. is to anyone who eats. 

Even relevant to the Occupy Wall St. / Occupy ______ protests. 

Watch it. Add it to your Netflix queue.

» With My Own Two Wheels

For many Americans, the bicycle is a choice. An expensive toy. An eco-conscious mode of transportation. For countless others across the globe, it is much more.

For Fred, a health worker in Zambia, the bicycle is a means of reaching twice as many patients. For Bharati, a teenager in India, it provides access to education. For Mirriam, a disabled Ghanaian woman, working on bicycles is an escape from the stigma attached to disabled people in her community. For Carlos, a farmer in Guatemala, pedal power is a way to help neighbors reduce their impact on the environment. For Sharkey, a young man in California, the bicycle is an escape from the gangs that consume so many of his peers.  

With My Own Two Wheels weaves together the experiences of these five individuals into a single story about how the bicycle can change the world—one pedal stroke at a time.

upcoming screenings:
02. &03.02.11 at Santa Barbara’s Int’l Film Festival (SBIFF),
07.02.11 19:30 at UC Berkeley’s Pacific Film Archive (PFA), presented by the Blum Center for Developing Economies.

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