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Giant Street Paintings of Whimsical Figures by Tec
"the wiggle" mural on fell/scott, sf.
new mural @43th and market with quote by Ishmael Reed.
via oaklandlocal.

A rendering of the street’s future possibilities for everyone to see. What a contrast, and what a powerful message of hope!

i’m gonna be an angry tumblr hipster and tell you i posted this a month earlier on 02/21/13 and not only included the title of the piece and the cross-streets of where this is, but linked to the artist as well.
telegraph/30th, oakland.
I hope it shows people that the city is theirs. They should see and question the objects they engage with every day… It’s about shifting meaning.

artist Brad Downey.

balletic attacks on architecture. monoqi, 15.01.13.

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