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» SANDAG’s 2050 Transportation Plan Drawing More and More Heat

“As the first regional government in California to develop a land use plan under the State’s strict new climate change laws, SANDAG has a responsibility to set a path toward a sustainable future,” said Tony L. Hale, Chair of the Environmental Caucus of the California Democratic Party. “Instead, SANDAG’s plan calls for more of the same: sprawl, air pollution, and an increase in dangerous greenhouse gas emissions.”

The major issue in the lawsuit is is that while the SANDAG plan does outline a major growth in the region’s transit network, most of the transit planning is in the last years of the project. The early years call for a rapid increase in the area’s highway network through a new high occupancy/toll lane system (HOT Lanes). SANDAG spokespeople claim that because the lanes can be used free by transit, they should be considered transit projects. Not everyone agrees.

la.streetsblog, 21.02.12.

This will be the greenest Super Bowl ever.

They won’t be directly powering the stadium with alternative fuels or anything. What they’re doing instead is buying 15,000 megawatt hours of renewable energy credits from a wind farm in North Dakota. Through a little bit of environmental accounting mumbo-jumbo, this purchase offsets the Super Bowl’s massive energy expenditures — ALL OF THEM, reportedly, including a month of electricity use at the stadium and conference center and a week of occupancy in the four major NFL hotels.., 03.02.12. infographic by greenmountain.
» On cleantech, no Newt is good Newt

In the 1990s, the Gingrich Congress tried to shut down the Department of Energy (DOE), slash all clean energy research, stop the joint government-industry effort to develop a super-efficient hybrid car, and zero out all programs aimed specifically at reducing greenhouse gas emissions and accelerating technology deployment…

Last year, Newt proposed replacing the EPA with an “Environmental Solutions Agency.” It’s no surprise that Newt is unaware we already have an Environmental Solutions Agency that develops innovative new technology — it’s called the Department of Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, which I helped run in the mid-1990s. Gingrich tried to kill it when he became speaker in 1995. He probably thinks he succeeded…

Why is California’s air — and the country’s water — better than it was 30 years ago? Gingrich disingenuously implied the answer is “very advanced technological solutions that dramatically improve life,” but, in fact, the answer is very tough government regulations — indeed, California is allowed tougher air regulations than the rest of the country, as Newt must know since he is so damn smart., 23.01.12.

what is with the never-ending crew of idiot politicians


Where the job creation REALLY is: Obama’s clean energy initiatives create 68,000 jobs to Keystone XL’s 6,000 temporary jobs. 
» Solar Grid Parity 101 — and why you should care

Solar grid parity is considered the tipping point for solar power, when installing solar power will cost less than buying electricity from the grid. It’s also a tipping point for the electricity system, when millions of Americans can choose energy production and self-reliance over dependence on their electric utility.

But this simple concept conceals a great deal of complexity. And given the stakes of solar grid parity, it’s worth exploring the details.

read more:, 15.01.2012.

energy economics! complicated.

but good to have this all explained,
and even better to know that we’re reaching parity. 
(and that we may soon have access to affordable sustainable energy for our own homes.)

Andrew Ross, professor of Cultural and Social Analaysis at NYU, will present his new book “Bird on Fire: Lessons from the World’s Least Sustainable City” as part of The Urban Ecologies of Global Justice program.

tomorrow: friday, 13.01.2012, 7pm @the periscope project (J/15th st.), san diego.
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