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» A Real Waste: Lack of Paper Clogs Plans for Tenderloin Toilet

The Decauxs are unpopular because their vault-like design allows for too much non-restroom-related mischief. But the city likes them because they’re free: Decaux built, installed, and maintains them in exchange for the advertising space and a nominal fee. Bucknum thinks he can get a good-looking toilet with just enough privacy swapped for safety — think translucent plastic walls, along with possible green “living roofs,” outdoor sinks, and amenities like trellises — built for $150,000, half the cost of a $300,000 Decaux.

The problem is maintenance. The Rescue Mission toilet has been a success in its nine months because the CBD pays a monitor $1,200 a month. As Hyphae and the CBD work to create a new toilet, they’re also looking for the $60,000 or so required annually to pay someone to police it. So far, the city is uninterested in making that investment, but would be “happy if the CBD paid for it,” Hilliard said.

sfweekly, 11.04.12.

why not a simple solution, as works in many cities and countries in europe:
coin-operated. €1 to use the toilet. maybe a dollar here. 

yeah, it won’t totally cover the costs of construction and maintenance, but may prevent some undesirable behaviour..

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