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Emeryville-Berkeley-Oakland Transit Study (EBOTS)
Let us know how you would improve transit in Emeryville, West Berkeley, and West Oakland. Tell us about what trips you make or would like to make using transit in these areas.
questionnaire in english and en español. 
share/reblog, east bay folks (on the west side)!
a range of cities – from notably different climates – where biking mode share* has significantly increased in the last decade. (*to work only. not bike trips to go shopping, etc.)
the legend/labels looks dumb, but the graphs are hover-able on the study page by the university of oklahoma.
via atlanticcities, 28.10.13.
» Bikes get permanent spot on BART

sfgate, 24.10.13.

» Consider the e-bike: Can 200 million Chinese be wrong?

quartz, 22.10.13.

a lot of attention on e-bikes very recently.. (or maybe it’s because i went to a talk @PSU on e-bikes last week that made me notice them more)

the new FlyKly Smart Wheel on kickstarter that can turn any normal bike into an e-bike

and the Copenhagen Wheel (nytimes, 21.10.13) which i had heard of quite a while ago… it was even in that episode of Weeds.. (andy was trying to promote the product to a room of investors)

it would be cool to get my mom a smart wheel. a very small incline she’ll even feel as a big hill. and then she could keep up with me and we can ride to more places together!

but for young, fit me.. i’d rather buy another normal bike or two for same cost of an e-bike.


And 31% of children get to school by biking or walking, as compared to a US nationwide average of just 13%. 
Any other #citydata you’d like featured in this series? Let us know! In the meantime, check out the other posts in our #citydata series. 

'That visceral anger that bikers elsewhere in the country describe as a constant threat on the roadways isn't such an issue here, says Rob Sadowsky, executive director of the Bicycle Transportation Alliance. “We're making strides here. A lot of people who drive cars also bike, and we have places for the people to bike so that we minimize those interactions. And maybe it's just your basic Portland politeness.” '
» BART strike causes commute crush in Bay Area

Frustrated San Francisco Bay Area commuters started the work week Monday facing gridlocked roadways and long lines for buses and ferries as a major transit strike entered its fourth day, increasing pressure on negotiators to reach a deal that resumes train service.

There were signs of movement from the Bay Area Rapid Transit agency and its unions, and BART spokesman Rick Rice said both sides would rturn to the bargaining table sometime Monday afternoon. BART hopes to reach an agreement by 6 p.m. so trains can begin running Tuesday, Rice said.

Traffic leading to the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge was already snarled for miles by 6 a.m. At BART’s station in Walnut Creek, the line for charter buses was at least a hundred-people deep before dawn.

By 7:35 a.m., BART reported that only two of the nine stations offering charter buses had available seats.

"We need BART to be running right now," Karen Wormley said as she waited for a bus in Walnut Creek. “I need to get to work.”

BART, the nation’s fifth-largest commuter rail system, has an average weekday ridership of 400,000.

sfexaminer/ap, 21.10.13.

The City of Portland estimates that if its 25% bicycling mode share target is not reached and bicycling levels remain the same, the city will need the equivalent of 23 more Powell Boulevards to accommodate the increase in auto traffic.

oregon metro regional active transportation plan, aug. 2013 draft, pg.12

powell blvd. is pretty much a highway.

Oregon Metro: Regional Active Transportation Plan — Vision


In 2035, convenient and safe access to active transportation has helped create and maintain vibrant communities in the region. Connected and safe pedestrian, bicycle and transit networks provide transportation choices.

People of all ages, abilities, income levels and backgrounds can walk and bike easily and safely for many of their daily needs and the walking and bicycling environment is welcoming to them. A majority of the short trips in the region are made by bicycling and walking. Children enjoy independence walking and biking to school and elders are aging in place and can get around easily without a car.

Active transportation contributes significantly to the region’s economic prosperity. Household transportation costs are lowered, roadways are less congested and freight experiences less delay. People enjoy clean air and water, and because they incorporate physical activity into their daily routines they are healthier and happier.

from the revised draft ATP, aug. 2013.
more about the plan @metro.

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