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Chinese Home Builders Find Great Location: On Top Of A Shopping Mall.
zuzhou, china. read more: architizer, 15.08.12.
» Berkeley Jewish farm mixes agriculture, learning

"I never planned to come back to Berkeley, but now that I’ve found this place I never want to leave," said Hayley Currier, 23, one of Urban Adamah’s dozen or so volunteer farmers who live together in a communal house near the farm. "Now I want to do this forever — subversive farming, mixing agriculture with social justice."

sfgate, 03.02.12.

oh so Berkeley.

Tiny Cabin Sprouts Out The Side Of Union Square Hotel

A new public art piece, titled “Manifest Destiny,” has just been installed four stories above ground, attached to the side of the Hotel Des Arts (447 Bush Street). It’s the work of San Francisco architect Jenny Chapman and Brooklyn artist Mark Reigelman, and was the winning proposal for a grant from the arts org Southern Exposure..

sfist,  31.01.12.
» Finding the zone: The Zen of urban cycling

In the woods, it is about flowing over logs in the trail, cruising through seemingly lineless rock gardens, and dipping between tight trees. On the city streets, it’s about weaving past the guy on his cell phone who steps out from between parked cars, adapting to an aggressive lane change by a soccer mom in a minivan, or avoiding a car door swinging open into your lane. In so many ways, urban riding is just a series of close calls., 27.01.12.

Peter Furth: [2:12] A lot of times in the U. S. when you’re riding your bike, you feel almost like an outlaw. You feel like, “Oh, can I just find a little tiny bit of space for myself?” Here (in Copenhagen), you feel like they’re just laying out the red carpet for you.

Yes, I advocate for cycle tracks (separated bike lanes) and complete streets so everyone at every age can feel safe walking or cycling.. but the current outdated streets, bad drivers, inattentive pedestrians, and the feeling of being an “outlaw” do make cycling in the city really, really fun. (dangerously fun and alluring)

photo: cycleangelo

» When the Uprooted Put Down Roots

New Roots in City Heights, which Michelle Obama visited last spring, is a model for today’s micro-enterprise. (It is also a culinary education, where a Zimbabwean grower can discover bok choy.) 

New Roots, with 85 growers from 12 countries, is one of more than 50 community farms dedicated to refugee agriculture, an entrepreneurial movement spreading across the country. American agriculture has historically been forged by newcomers, like the Scandinavians who helped settle the Great Plains; today’s growers are more likely to be rural subsistence farmers from Africa and Asia, resettled in and around cities from New York, Burlington, Vt., and Lowell, Mass., to Minneapolis, Phoenix and San Diego.

With language and cultural hurdles, and the need to gain access to land, financing and marketing, farm ownership for refugees can be very difficult. Programs like New Roots, which provide training in soil, irrigation techniques and climate, “help refugees make the leap from community gardens to independent farms,” said Hugh Joseph, an assistant professor at the Friedman School of Nutrition at Tufts, which advises 28 “incubator” farms representing hundreds of small-scale producers.

nytimes, 09.10.11.

Nice! an article on the New Roots farm in San Diego.
In my Sustainable Planning class last year, the professor brought in a guest speaker who was on staff/working at this local urban farm and told us all about it. There are volunteer opportunities, if you wanna help out!

» HWKN’s Artscape is a Green-Roofed Museum That Emerges From The Ground for Taipei

The New York-based firm is working to further develop its ECONIC design philosophy, which “is the belief that architectural forms can excite people about a sustainable lifestyle by bringing nature back into their lives through new architectural arrangements.” Artscape is at once an exciting new landscape, an urban environment and a building. “We blended the new art museum with the landscape, unfolding the project’s full potential. The museum becomes an integrated part of the surrounding park and offers a maximum variety of spatial experiences within,” said Matthias Hollwich, Cofounder and Partner of HWKN.

inhabitat, 25.08.11.

» Sustainable Urban Development Reader

The Sustainable Urban Development Reader
edited by Stephan Wheeler and Timothy Beatley 
(see on amazon)

catching up (or trying to—the prof. basically assigned the entire book, but split and jumps to different sections—in addition to two other books, including “Ecocities”) on reading for my USP171 Sustainable Development class. 

Just finished the Transportation section, 
and I really want to do something.. :

I want to start a petition for separated bike lanes on University Ave. in Hillcrest (and Washington St. as well, then spread it to the complete area and connect to other neighborhoods of San Diego)(g.maps). Separated bike lanes right alongside the sidewalk, with parking pushed back. Bike traffic signals. More signage—painted on the road and roadsigns.

There’s probably some big regional San Diego bike plan, but I want this NOW.

I gotta get on this shit as soon as summer starts—before big partying at EDC in LV and before summer classes. This will be the first big project I impose on myself. (Unless other things vie for my time and this gets pushed to be my USP senior project.)

Being an urban planning student makes me so critical of everything whenever I’m outside (and even when I’m inside thinking about things outside). Walk past this strip-mall style block and hating it—storefronts actually on the sidewalk would attract more people and make it connect better with nearby streets; taking forever to cross the main arterial street; no fucking bike lanes, usw. (and it goes on)..

Paris Set To Remake Its River Banks as Green Spaces, Open to All.

treehugger, 12.03.11.
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